Friday, December 12, 2008


Sometimes, in shooting my little camera away, I am lucky enough to capture a photographic display of friendship or love - or maybe trust. This is sort of akin to my love of a good conversation in photos, but different. I wanted to share a few of those here.

I didn't really know what to call this post. Until I was checking out the latest photo contests, and saw one called M.I.L.K. Before I found that acronym, I was calling this post, "Capturing the Moment on Film" or something like that. This is better - it stands for, "Moments of Intimacy, Laughter and Kinship." It's a British contest, if you're wondering about that kinship word. So, that's the title of today's post and here are the photos. They make me feel warm and fuzzy and all holiday-like, so it makes a good December post.

Santa and Jena

Speaking of the holidays, here's a good example of childlike joy. My friend Jena is a big fan of the man in the red suit, so he paid her a visit a couple of year ago - a special one-on-one in-the-flesh up-close-and-personal visit. She couldn't have been happier. Love it.

Baby Gabe and his grandpa, my Uncle Kenny

Speaking of "kinship" again, and the know the song, "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"? And, in that song, the lyric, "...good tidings we bring to you and your kin..."? When I was a kid, I thought that part was about my Uncle Kenny. We'd get to that part of the song, and I pictured him in my head, or if he happened to be there, I looked at him. I figured every family must have a Ken. So, we were wishing each family good tidings to them and their Ken. Our Ken being Uncle Kenny, my dad's brother. So, still, to this day, when I sing that song, I think of Uncle Kenny. He's still my Ken.

My friend Tricia's uncle and grandma.

Of course, we've been over how much I love this photo. You can see their fondness for one another and genuine interest.

Then, following is a montage from Miss Melly's party. I had to post these five as a "set". Scroll on through. I'll see you on the other side.

The end of the Melly and Karen montage.

I love those five photos in succession. You can tell these two women genuinely like one another. That they have a good friendship. And, that they're having a rip roaring good time in those dresses. I like it when you can see the trust and mutual admiration between friends in a photo. Here are some more examples of what I'm talking about.

These ladies are enjoying each other's company at Deborah's shower.

My friend Holly and me, self-portrait.

Holly and I were cooling our jets before S's brother Michael married Brooke. So, we took a self-portrait. Often, these self-portrait photos come out to be fun. I mean, you don't expect them to come out at all, and you're "playing around" when you do it, so you're having fun, and, that shows in the frame.

Cindi and Anna

Last year S's mom Cheryl had a birthday party, and the ladies above were in attendance. Cindi is Cheryl's (and S's whole family) good friend. Anna is her mother. They've known each other for a long time. They're catching up...there's a familiarity between them, and again, that respect thing. I don't know how to explain how you can see respect in these photos, but you can. Just look!

It's an added benefit when you're friends with your family members. Ahem. When, you know, you actually like to be around them and share some time together. Next come some examples of this.

S's parents, Cheryl and Sam

S and I took a little long weekend trip to Austin a few years ago with Cheryl and Sam. I snapped this photo along the banks of Lake Travis. While Cheryl and Sam have difficulties actually looking into the camera lens - a malady they both share, God love 'em - we've teased them about this condition - this time, it turned into a great shot that shows how much they like being together.

S's uncle Harold and cousin Lynn.
***I did NOT take this photo!***

This photo was taken by a friend of Lynn's who was shooting a 70th birthday party being thrown in Harold's honor. It's another great example for this post, though. Look how much Harold loves Lynn and vice versa. You can see the love.

Harold is also very fond of S.
And vice versa.

Harold was on our trip to Sicily. I'll get around to telling that whole story one day and sharing the photos. This was taken in the cathedral in Monreale. Harold and S have always been close. Harold has two daughters he loves very much. But, they weren't in boy scouts, or Royal Rangers, a Christian version they had at S's church. Harold led the Royal Rangers, and S was a member. Harold taught S lots of good things. And a few completely useless things, I'm sure he'd say. But, they love each other. I don't have to tell you this, though, do I, after you see that photo.

Cheryl (R) and her cousin Kay.

Cheryl is an only child. But her mom's sister was married to her dad's brother. And those two had two children. They were sort of like siblings to Cheryl since the families were so close and did quite a bit together. And Kay is a cousin by marriage of those pseudo-siblings of Cheryl's. Every once in a while, this group gets together. When they do, looking at old photos is on the menu. Sharing memories is a great thing to catch in a photo, too.

Of course, the love of a child is a nice thing to catch in a photo as well. And, the child loving back.

My brother Steve with baby Deacon.

S's Uncle Harold with his grandson, Cal.
***AGAIN, I didn't take this one.***

S and Deacon.

And another, overexposed one of S and Deacon.

My brother Bob and his nephew Ryon.

My uncle had his grandson, Isaiah.

Cora and her Nana.

Alexandra and her great-grandma.

Gabe and his dad Mike.

Gabe and his mom, my cousin Robin.
Look at the joy on Robin's face.

Nathon and his dad, my brother Rick.
Again, don't miss Rick's face.

And, last but not least, I've got a few photos of friendship between kids. The kids in these photos happen to also be relatives.

Big cousin Austin with little cousin Deacon.

Cousins Deacon and Isaiah are buds.

Here they were enjoying each other's company.

And, here, Isaiah liked Deacon's present better than Deacon did, I think.

Cousins Deacon and Nathon are also buds.

Here, they were getting ready to roast marshmallows.

Nathon was really listening to what Deacon had to say here.

So, there you go. My warm-fuzzy post for you, right here in December. Now, go out and give someone a hug!


  1. I love this post! I have always loved that picture of my dad with Gabe. Thanks for including us.

  2. Sweet and tears to my eyes mushy. Thanks


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