Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Serious "Child"

I've told you before a bit
about Ellie's personality. When I came home the other night from going out to shoot photos of Christmas lights, (which will post here later this month) she greeted me at the door. Barking. Wondering where on earth I had been and why hadn't I gotten home earlier.

It's funny - Echo greeted me too, happy to see me, then went back to lie down. Ellie stayed right there until she was convinced I wasn't going anywhere else. She's getting a little fussy in her advanced years. So, I took my camera, which was in hand, and shot these photos of her since she wasn't moving and wasn't leaving the door area.

She's my serious child. She wants to follow the rules, she wants you to follow the rules and the schedule, and she's not much in to silliness. I get that about her and I love her little personality.

Man, do I love this dog.

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