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Drunk on Love. I guess.

A couple of weeks ago, I went out searching for some sort of device that would easily scan in "B.D" (before digital) photos and - here's the kicker - negatives and slides too. I found lots of devices that would do photos or negatives. But, finally found one that would do both. So, when I have time, I've been scanning away. Which, will probably lead to more posts like this one. Sorry in advance.

Me and mom before our wedding.

The first set of photos I decided to digitize were, obviously, the negatives from our wedding. We were married going on ten years ago, right when digital photography was hitting the scene. So, photographers who were shooting in digital were rare, and very expensive. We did not hire a digital photographer. We hired Portraits of Timeless Elegance, and the deal with that guy at the time was is he would take your photos and gives them all to you - negatives too - and the rights to reproduce them as you please. He doesn't do fancy photo books or retouches. He just hands them over to you. So, that is how I have the negatives from our wedding.

Posed shot of dad, me and bridesmaids.

Around the time of our wedding, there were lots of weddings going on. My college roommate and matron of honor, Cathy (far left in above photo) got married about three weeks before we did. And, my cousin Robin (far right in above photo) got married three weeks after we did. Since those years, we really haven't gone to too many weddings. This may be a shock to you if you read ATE UP AMATEUR with regularity. (Thank you, my two loyal readers.) This year, for the first time in years, there's been another upswing of weddings. Maybe that's why I started with our wedding negatives first. I've been re-living the memories at these other weddings.

Flower girl - S's cousin's daughter Sydney and YES, that's Austin, my teen-aged nephew!
My mom made the ring pillow. I still have it.

I haven't scanned in any ceremony shots yet. I hated walking down the aisle. I hated the idea that everyone was looking at me. It was the worst part of the wedding for me. When I got to the front, it took me a minute to calm down from the anxiety of the aisle walk. But, the way they had our attendants stand, I could see all of them. I looked up to see them standing there - I especially remember S's brother Michael smiling back at me. This calmed me down for the rest of the ceremony. Seeing all their smiling faces.

During the ceremony, since it was a Methodist ceremony and the Methodists believe the communion table is open to anyone, communion was served to not only us and the attendants, but the entire congregation, if they wanted to come forward to receive it.

While everyone else was being served, we sat over to the side and watched. This turned out to be really cool, because with over 500 people at your wedding, it's hard to get around to see everyone. So, during this time, we got to see almost everyone and S could point out who some of his relatives were that I'd never met.

They gave communion by intinction. S's cousin's boys provided comic relief for this. The first one dropped his wafer into the wine chalice. The second one stuck his hand into the chalice to try to get it out. They were probably 6 and 4 at that time or something close to that. It was funny. We were served after the congregation. The floating wafer was still in the chalice.

S and me after the ceremony.

Had to include this one -
my cousin Lori and brother Steve.
They both look so young!
(Not that everyone doesn't look younger...)

Another posed shot - but S took it to the next level.

I remember thinking, as all brides do, I guess, that I chose dresses for my bridesmaids that they could use again. Right. Sure. I'm sure they headed out to no place else ever in those dresses. Drunk on the ridiculous non-realities of the wedding industry.

The wedding party, for the most part.

We had this issue of having too many males for the wedding. S has two brothers. I have three brothers. We have no sisters. (Of course, now, all those brothers mean we've got 5 sisters-in-law) So, we did this - five attendants and then four ushers for a total of more guys in the wedding party. This way, we could also include friends on the "boy side" that were important to us.

The flower girl's mommy was pregnant at the wedding, and feeling very sick. She didn't make it to the end where the photos were taken. So, no flower girl. We also had some house party members that aren't in this shot. My sister-in-law Terri and my niece Amber were in the house party.

We used S's uncle's 1960 pink Cadillac to drive from the church to the reception and as the "getaway car."

As I scan theses negatives in, they are like a walk down memory lane. I'm also very excited to start editing some of the shots that weren't so great at the time because someone closed their eyes. I can just replace their eyes into that photo from another photo now and we'll have more good photos!

Me and S during our first dance.

When S got to the dance floor for our first dance, he pulled cut-outs of the bottom of his shoe - all made out of construction paper - and put them on the floor - like he was instructing himself on how to dance. It was funny. Everyone laughed.

We had the Dallas Jazz Orchestra septet play at the reception. They were great.

S and his mom dancing.

Cutting the bride's cake.

I'm not including a photo here, but S had two groom's cakes. This was to facilitate serving the throngs of Italian relatives in attendance. Of the over 500 people in attendance at this here wedding, I knew about 50 of them. S loved that I only had one cake and he had two. He liked that a lot.

Eating cake. Is this posed or what?

Incidentally, these bites of cake are the only morsels of food we got at the reception. We should have really savored them. By the time we got to the hotel, we were SO hungry. And tired. Tired won out - we stood in our wedding clothes and looked at the mini-bar for a while. We decided we were more tired than hungry - or at least more tired than hungry for a $6 granola bar.

Leaving the ceremony in rose petals.

We really wanted to use sparklers for this moment. But, we were in a drought that year and the local fire department wouldn't allow it. So, the night before the wedding after the rehearsal dinner we sat at S's parent's house - at least 10 of us - and tore rose petals off their stems.

All the SMU folks sang VARSITY.
The reception was on the SMU campus.

I haven't uploaded all the negatives yet. I love these little negative time capsules, though. Love it. Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I have never seen your wedding pictures! Other then the ones taken by my mom or your mom for the most part. It was fun to remember that day! I also remember we decided to leave to Indiana after the reception and wanted to drive straight through. That didn't happen, I don't know what we were thinking!


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