Thursday, December 18, 2008

This is How the Pros Do It

Today, we'll check out some of the commercial lighting displays I've found around town. First up, Casa Linda. This retail area is one of the oldest in Dallas, and is currently undergoing a face lift with a new owner.

Here is the tree, on a new walkway.
Bulldozer in background. Emphasis on new.

I felt the star on top was the highlight of this decor.

Next up, Mockingbird Station.

This retail area is a newer one in Dallas. It is located at a major intersection in central Dallas, as well as sits next to a DART rail station of the same name. It is a mixed used development with housing, office space and retail combined. They have lit trees, as well as these ornaments. The ornaments change color as time passes. Ooh. Aah. I do think they are nice.

Next up...whoa..wait a minute...what the heck is that?

As I was driving through the Lakewood area on my way to different commercial developments, I passed THAT. The Christmas bus? A touring group? A apparition? What is it? Goodness.

That said, I sort of wish I was on that bus, don't you? OK, well, we're not on that bus, so let's move on.

Snider Plaza's tree.

The Snider Plaza tree is a series of garlands put together on a frame above the plaza's fountain. It engulfs the fountain, which of course spends this time of year in the off position. Does anyone else think the star looks like it was cut from cardboard? Interesting...I'm sure that is not cardboard...or is it?

A close-up of the tree - you can sort of see inside to the edge of the fountain.

Pulled back view.

In this one, you can see one of the central poles.

Snider Plaza is one of my personal favorite places to shop in Dallas if I have several hours to wile away. There are interesting shops and restaurants, virtually none of which are chains. Interesting little boutiques carry interesting gads of items you didn't know you could ever need. There's one place that sells these cheddar pecan wafers that are to-die-for. There are two great Italian restaurants, a German restaurant, a barbecue joint and a few more. There's enough here to spend hours roaming for no reason.

Highland Park Village

One of the swankiest little shopping areas is also the oldest in Dallas. Highland Park Village has a long list of high end retailers. It also has reasons to go there - movie theater, restaurants, grocery store - even if you don't spend $1000 on a sweater. It also has beautifully lit tress and carriage rides at Christmas.

Doesn't it look dreamy?

Don't you want to go in?

Last but not least I visited the decorations at the Plaza at Preston Center. This shopping center is near my church, and I used to visit it regularly, popping to get a bite before a class or a meeting. I really got into photographing their tree.

The tree in question.

And it's beautiful decorations...

...with all the sparkly light reflections...

...and things to shoot through and at...

...I liked this tree a lot.

Next, we'll have a depth of field photography discussion. The following photo was shot twice, once focusing on the close material, one focusing on the far material. I changed the focus in the depth of field, so to speak. Let's check them out. Ready?

Close-in focus - blurry lit tree in the background.

Far-away focus - lit tree in focus, tree decor blurry.

Which one do you like better? I think I like the first one. But, it's an interesting contrast. Which one do you like?

Let's check out more of this tree, shall we?

I really liked how the other trees were reflecting in the balls.

I'm in this photo. Can you see me? Ha!

And, here I like how the lights from the tree reflected into the ornament.

Here, you can see both sorts of reflections.

I know. Lots of that tree.
I liked it, OK? Geesh.

This concludes my post on commercial Christmas displays. I hope you enjoyed it! Tomorrow - we'll take a scary-but-true trip inside my house to look at my decorations. See you then!

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