Friday, April 24, 2009

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet...

Tap. Tap. Is this thing on? Are you out there, 13 readers? Hope so. I love it when you decide "follow" me and when you leave comments. And, this week - not many comments - so, I hope you're all OK. That you haven't fallen into a crevasse. That you haven't fallen and can't get up. That you still like me and surf on by here every once in a while. That I haven't bored you into a deep coma. Are you there? Because I love it when you are. Not that I would stop writing - I would still write it up here. But, you make it more fun. Let me know if you're OK, OK? And, tell me what you like and don't like or what you think or where to shove it once in a while, OK? OK.

Today I'm posting a video from our trip that made me laugh. In fact, the video really isn't the important part - it's the AUDIO that makes me laugh. And, everyone needs a good laugh on Friday, no?

I grabbed the camera phone, which has the video function, to record the SOUND on this video - it's the voice over at the Dusseldorf Airport. Now, at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, there is a voice over guy - he sounds like a Texan, and he tells you to not leave your baggage unattended. Then, there are occasional flight crew who get on and talk VERY LOUDLY to tell you the final boarding call for this flight or that flight is now occurring, so you better get to your gate.

The Dusseldorf Airport has this lady...the woman from the spa...the soothing voice of smooth jazz...the lady who greets the loonies at the asylum. I don't know - but this lady - I think she could say ANYTHING and it would be OK. She was so quiet - whispering at us - that I just had to laugh. I thought it would make a great SNL skit - they could have the voice over at an airport or other location, and at first the lady could say the normal things. But, then - in the same syrupy voice - she could get sinister. She'd attack the passengers with her whispery words. It would be funny. I would laugh.

S said he imagined she was saying, "The flight to Vienna is now leaving. If your luggage and your a** aren't on that plane, then it sucks to be you!" Or, "Mr. Harrison, your flight just left without you. Try harder next time." Or something like this. And yes, that is S over there to the left, on the phone, talking to his work while we waited on the flight to Berlin.

Today I am in Indiana spending most of the day with my mom, and then of course going to the wedding tomorrow. S is joining me in Indy late tonight, and S's mom is house-sitting with the animals. Thank you Cheryl. I'll be back here next week with more minutiae to share!

Happy Friday to you! See you next week!


  1. She sounds like the "French Lady" on LOST...very scary!


  2. Congrats on the new audio/video contribution to your site. Keep 'em coming.


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