Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Oxford Church

I did read the name of this church when we entered it. And, I sort of remember that it was sort of a long name for some reason. But I couldn't remember the name. So, I googled, "Churches in Oxford, England." (Actually I googled, "Churches in Oxford, Englad" and Google asked me, "Did you mean, "Churches in Oxford, England?" and I clicked yes. Then I got a full list. Not as many came up for Englad.)

I was able to identify this church as The University Church of Saint Mary the Virgin. It was a pretty little church on our walk around the block before lunch in Oxford on our way to Birmingham on a pleasant spring day. Here are the photos I ended up sort of liking.

Spring was springing in Oxford.
Church exterior.

S walking into the interior.

S then posed for me in the interior.
His Hollywood look.

Some of the beautiful windows.
And the pulpit.

These were all over the floor - I'm pretty sure they were crypt markers.
I could be wrong. Notice the date 1628.

Some of the detail inside the church.
We saw a lot of gothic-ness in the churches of this part of Europe.

Another window detail.

We'll move on down the road tomorrow. See you then.

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