Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Veda

I got so excited about sharing the post on the Cathedral with you today I forgot to wish my niece Veda a happy 8th birthday in my last post. Just as I couldn't BELIEVE Jessica is 21, there is no possible way Veda could be 8. But she is.

I remember the morning Veda was born - we were not there, of course - we were in Texas and she was born in Indiana. But, we were having a little crisis of our own on April 23, 2001. We were in our old house, and we were adding on a porch to the front of the house. We had tarped the roof where the porch was being joined to the house to prevent the weather from coming in. But, it rained and rained and rained that night in Dallas. And, about 2:30am, we heard water coming down the front wall of our living room. That, my friends, is a sound I never want to hear again! We were up the rest of the night trying to collect this water, coming inside our house, and trying to save the drywall. It was a losing battle. The drywall was a goner.

Veda was born around 4:30am, I think I remember. And Steve, my brother, her dad, called our house around 5:45am to tell us about it. He was SO looking forward to waking us up to tell us this news...he was relishing in waking us up. You could tell it in his voice. But, alas, we were up. We had been up - we were up with the rain, so he didn't wake us that morning at all. We were, of course, still very glad to get his call and learn of her birth, the sweet girl.

So, Happy 8th Birthday Veda! I'll see you tomorrow in Indiana. All my love for a wonderful day.

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