Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spanish Moss

We are back in the states today, and too tired to blog. So, I'm posting the last of the group of posts I prepared before leaving for Europe about my time in Florida. After this, I hope to be up and running again as usual. The new April header is up, too. That's all I've got for this morning.

Hope you enjoy the Spanish moss today.

One thing you see in Florida is Spanish moss, hanging from and probably killing the trees. But, it's pretty. And, my dad, while riding his bike, saw some good examples of pretty trees he thought I might like to photograph.

This is dad explaining the shot.

And, here I tried to get that shot.

And here too.
Did I get it dad?
The sun was very high in the sky - it didn't help.

On our little bike ride to look at trees, we saw many fine specimens.

We also saw plenty of swampy marshland.
Picturesque swampy marshland, no?
I liked it.

Look at that seriously huge vine!

We also saw this tree.
He's the tallest kid in his class.

This is the path back to the park.
I thought it was pretty nice, too.
Also had some nice moss hanging around.

Here's a close-up of the moss, for good measure.

Thanks, dad, for showing me around the pretty parts. It was a nice bike ride.
See you all tomorrow with some more from the Europe trip.


  1. Thinks the first picture of the 'tallest tree in the class' is very good. Also like the second one on the trail back where you can clearly see the moss hanging from the trees.
    Can't wait to see Europe pictures.

  2. I love the trees! Also I am in awww of the blog's title picture (with the sailboat). Did you take that one? Where? It's beautiful.

  3. This is one of the times I will cherish that we had time to spend just being Dad and Daughter appreciating something together. You have a gift in you photography as many would agree and you captured exactly what I saw when I looked into the trees.


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