Thursday, April 9, 2009

We Interrupt This Week's Topic

I have some very important news to share with you, so today I'm interrupting the flow of European trip posts with this news.

The dogwood - it's still alive! It came back for another year! I previously reported that it has had a hard time in the summers of late, it being a very old and large dogwood, and I just wasn't sure whether it was dead or alive.

The tree sits at the back corner of our lot, next to the very photogenic electrical service pole.

It's allllliiiivvveeee. (Say that like you're Dr. Frankenstein. It doesn't fit for the situation, I know. But, it makes it more dramatic.)

I also said, if it came back, I was going to take photos of it and document it's beauty. So, there are a few documented observations in this here post. It was late day sun, and I was standing, as you can tell, under the tree, because it is HUGE for a dogwood, and there is nothing at eye level to shoot, really.

I am so glad. I really love that old tree. Trees in general. Any living thing, really. I love it all. So, the dogwood's demise would have made me very sad. I already told S that if it didn't come back we were marching ourselves to the nursery and we were planting another one. In the same place. In homage.

One day, we might very much need to do just that. Because the tree - it is old. And it doesn't enjoy the Texas heat, no matter what we do to help it along at it's advanced age. But this is not the spring for it.

And, I am glad. I am so glad.

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