Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Recap

Today's post is a recap of what transpired over the weekend. We'll get to more of the Europe recap later this week. So here we go.

Saturday - let's see - it was so long ago. Oh - OK, Saturday we got up and made a huge breakfast - the way S likes 'em these days - of eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, hot tea and juice. Then we set out to ride our bikes.

You see, I signed up to relay the bike portion of a triathlon on May 17. I have never done anything like this before. But, as I've pointed out here before, I'm fat and out of shape. I was doing really good last year before my surgery, but haven't really done so well since. Working out is not something I dream about doing every day. It gets put on the back burner easily for me. So, when my friend Kellie, who just had a baby the first part of March, emailed to say she wanted to have a GOAL to work towards and wanted to do the swim part of this triathlon, and she was looking for someone to bike and run, I said, heck, I can bike. I'll do the bike part!

Why I said this, I don't know.

Well, I do know - the course is only 12 miles. S and I ride around White Rock Lake, which is 9 miles, with ease, so how bad could 12 miles be? But, it's in Austin, and the course is hilly. So, it could be bad. For this fat girl, it could not be pretty.

But, I need a GOAL too - I need to get off my A** and work out. And lose some weight. But, mainly just have more energy and feel good about being more active again. So, here we go. S and I went out to ride. But, his bike had a bad tire stem. So, we threw the bikes in the back of the truck and headed to the bike store, which happens to be near S's parent's house. We thought we'd get it fixed and then ride from their house. Easy enough - the bike was fixed, and we headed to their house. About an hour after breakfast was finished. S needed to eat again. He's still on steroids.

After S had his little snack, we headed on a little bike ride through the neighborhood. After this ride - probably no longer than about 4 miles - we headed back to his parent's house, where we set out with them to eat again - this time, lunch.

After lunch, we headed home in the truck, put the bikes in the garage and S set out to work on the slow draining tub in my bathroom. He went to the roof to snake down the vent for that set of pipes. He found it - but somehow he made the drain go from slowly draining to totally clogged.

Then, he came inside and took apart the plumbing near my tub. And dragged all sorts of tools into the house. But, nothing worked. And we needed to get cleaned up to go out to dinner with our friends Jake and Maria. No problem, we have two bathrooms - I used S's bathroom.

Our first house only had one bathroom. We shared all the time. Boy, do I LOVE having my own bathroom. And S having his. I remember - that bathroom at the old house - it was all white, and I hung a navy blue shower curtain in there. I couldn't figure out what the splatters of whitish stuff was that kept showing up on the curtain - I was washing that thing all the time. But then, I saw S in action, after brushing his teeth. He'd take the toothbrush and VIOLENTLY fling it towards the floor - and the shower curtain - I guess to get the moisture out. In the process, he was also covering our bathroom with small particles of toothpaste. Ahem. God love him.

But I digress. I headed to S's bathroom to bathe. The problem is, though, S's shower, well - it's a "rainforest" shower head - you know, the pancake sized shower head that gently pours rain-like water all over your body? Great for the spa, but not so great (in my humble opinion) for actually bathing without it taking four days to rinse. I did get clean, though, and we had a lovely dinner with our friends.

Sunday, (are you glad this weekend wasn't longer??) well, Sunday was Easter. We set the alarm to go to the 9:45 service at church to miss the 11am service crowds. We slept through the alarm. Past time to even get up and go to the 11am service. I'm gonna go ahead and blame it on jet lag. Why not. We've only been back about a week. I don't know, but man, we were both sleeping fools. We missed going to church on Easter.

So, we got up and S decided we needed another big breakfast. He made pancakes, I made bacon and then he looked at me and said, "Aren't you going to make eggs?" Well, no, I wasn't going to make eggs, but OK. Steroid man.

We got cleaned up - again, I bathed in the "rainforest" shower, and headed to S's parents for lunch. After that breakfast, I wasn't too hungry for Easter lunch!

After we ate, we took another "family photo."
Back row, L-R: Brooke, Michael, Me, S, Mark and Kim
Front row, L-R: Andrew, Sam, Cheryl, Alexandra
Thanks, Kim, for a copy of the photo.

I did take a couple of cute photos of the kiddos, which is really all anyone wants to see anyway, so here are a few of those, and a little photo montage of the fiasco surrounding the "cousin" shot.

As you saw, Alexandra was there.

She was all dolled up for Easter.

What a cute one she is.

Little man Andrew was also on the scene.

Here, he was really just working up to a good cry.
But, it LOOKS like a smile.

Uncle Mark was holding him in this photo and Grandpa Sam was entertaining him.

I like this one and the next one together...
if I knew how to place them side by side on this blog page I would.
But I don't know how. So scroll up and down.

I stole him away from Uncle Mark and Brooke took this photo of us.
Check out Andrew - he looks like he's saying,
"Who the heck are you, shady lady, and what did you do with my mama???"

Here's when the REAL photo op came to pass...
the mamas worked on setting up the two baby cousins together for a photo.

For a split second it seemed like it might work this way...

But then, um, not so much.
Alexandra wanted him OFF of HER!

Which led to this set up and these great shots.

LOVE this one.

This one is sort of sweet.
I'm sure the mamas got a better one.
They were clicking away.

But, here's the MONEY shot -
- check the two of them checking each other out.

Later in the afternoon, after the rain subsided, S and I took the bikes out again and this time rode the 9 miles around the lake. Not too bad. Now, I have to find some hills in flat, flat Dallas. And, keep at it. Like every day. My uncle said if I finished, he'd give $20 to the charity of my choice. So, I HAVE to finish. I will...just not sure how LONG it'll take. But, I'm going to work on it. I'll keep you posted.

And, Uncle Kenny - I've got a lot of favorite charities, but get that check made out to the SPCA of Texas. Get it ready. Thank you.

The tub - it's still a work in progress...hopefully S'll get that going this week - or we'll call in a pro. I miss my shower already - did I mention that? Don't you love home ownership? Especially when it's an old house? Oh, the fun you can have! I'll keep you posted on that too.

OK, now that I got all of that off my brain, I'm ready for the week. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Humor well written. Thank you for the laughs.


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