Friday, April 17, 2009

Mr. Obvious Travels to The Netherlands

Well, not MR. Obvious, but maybe Mrs. Obvious, because this was all me. S was quietly driving, minding his own business. While riding down the road in The Netherlands, I was so enamored by seeing "real" windmills that I videoed this riveting report. It's groundbreaking stuff, really. Top notch investigative work. I'm sure CNN will come calling.

Windmills - Past and Present by
Ate Up Amateur

I was very enamored with these windmills, apparently, because I took lots of photos from the car. I was like a kid in a candy store - the windmill store known as The Netherlands!

We were not going to get lost - we had a map...

...and a GPS system built into our DIESEL rental car.

Old windmills...

(nice shot of S's nostril...)

I mean seriously, look how pretty they were!

New windmills...

And, a little more footage of the "Modern Windmill"

I know you'll now have a better weekend having experienced this treasured photo and video footage, taken from the passenger seat in the car while driving down the road.

My goal for the weekend - get a tub and shower that works. Enough of the rain forest shower head. Enough! And, ride my bike for a couple of long bike rides. I've been practicing the hills all week in the evenings. Also on the docket, S and I will be guests at a swanky soiree Saturday night that we'll have to work hard to clean up for. I'll try to take photos if it's allowed and share them here. Oh - and I'm shooting some new photos of one of these beauties on Sunday, which I will of course share here sometime in the near future. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

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  1. You crack me up! Especially, with your Texas accent..."over heeere".


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