Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flickr 5.25

I added my Yellowstone Runoff photo to a group on Flickr today. That group is the Flickr 5.25 group. Why, you ask? Well, because Flickr is getting ready to celebrate it's 5.25 anniversary on Saturday May 9th, 4 - 8pm at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco. Why are they celebrating such an anniversary? Because they now feel they missed a great opportunity on their 5th anniversary to bring people together around the idea of Flickr and photo sharing. And, at this event, they are going to project user's contributions to this group on a wall in the gallery continuously. Since I've been using Flickr almost all of its 5.25 years in existence, I thought I'd contribute.

Why did I contribute this one? Oh, I don't know. It did win a Dallas News online award once - I can't find it on their site anymore, so there is no link. And, I have it hanging in my den, although I've been thinking of trading it out for something else lately. If I had chosen the most popular of my images on Flickr, it would have been the Kenworth Logo. It's been on there as long as I've been using that site and still gets regular hits. Amazing. Maybe I should work on tagging all my photos better.

But, I decided on the Yellowstone photo instead. I added it to the group, and now my photo will participate, as all my photos have on their site every day, in the big Flickr bash in San Francisco this weekend.

If you are a Flickr user, contribute one of your photos for the soiree. It'll be fun - almost like actually being there. Or not.

Yee-haw. There you have it.


  1. Just one word about the Yellowstone picture: WOW!!

  2. And yes, LOVE the Kenworth logo photo. A real classic.


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