Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Salsa Recap

So, as I mentioned yesterday, we had a little Cinco de Mayo lunch at my place of employment. And, there were some contests to enter. You could enter salsa, guacamole or queso, and the winning entry in each category earned a half-day of vacation. I ruled out the queso because it is messy and would have required me to bring my crock-pot to work. That is heavy and a pain. Lots of other people must have come to the same conclusion because there were only two queso entries. I ruled out the guacamole contest because I don't really like avocados and thus don't eat much guacamole, so there was not much of a reason to enter that contest. As you can see - I was trying to find a way to participate without straining on the effort. I'm such an overachiever.

That left the salsa contest. I mentioned it to S because I thought he might like to help me with it. He immediately went around to some people at his work and collected one very hot salsa recipe he wanted to try. Me on the other hand - I like to shoot from the hip - roll with the punches - go where the wind takes me---not use a recipe. I just sort of thought about the stuff I like to taste in salsa and went from there.

As I also mentioned yesterday, actually photographing the making process would have made for an interesting post, I think. But, I didn't do that. Let's just say S's recipe was green and roasted - tomatillos, (the spell checker thinks I should replace "tomatillos" with "armadillos" - um, no, let's not.) scallions, jalapenos, habaneros. He roasted them on the grill and then basically put all that into the food processor - seeds and all - and turned it into salsa verde. I named it the Roasted Green SIREN or something like that. It was HOT - HOT! I actually labeled it as a "proceed at your own risk" salsa at the contest. Some people love that. Most people do not.

My "red" salsa contained six red tomatoes with the innards scooped out, two orange tomatoes and two yellow tomatoes - I am pretty sure the color of the tomato had no bearing on it's taste. Also included was a whole white onion, 6 jalapenos with the seeds and a whole head of garlic cloves. I liked my salsa a lot actually, and would make it again - maybe with only 4 jalapenos, though and a few more tomatoes of any color. I didn't find it to be overly hot, but I would like to have a little more overall tomato flavor, so that's what the change would be going for.

Apparently, many other people had done the calculation about the effort of each dish and chose salsa as well - there were TONS of salsa entries. They ranged from salty tomato sauce to closer to "chutney" with fruit and stuff in them, to lots of tasty varieties, some had corn, some had big chunks, some were well blended - and they all came in different types of containers. S's salsa was the only salsa verde. And yes, the chips in the green bowl are actually green. That is not an optical illusion.

There were also a fair amount of guacamole entries.

Everyone ate and decided on their favorite. Then they cast their vote. As it turns out, our salsas did not win, which you may already know by reading my Twitter feed over there on the left if you were here late yesterday. But that's OK - it was fun making them and being a part of the action.

The winner.

The winning salsa was one of two brought by one of my co-workers - the milder of his two salsas. I think ours, for one, were just too spicy. And, the competition was fierce. The event was fun in general. A good time was had by all, as they say. And, that's the story on the salsa contest. Amen.

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