Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gastronomie Austin

Before we go on to today's post - ladies and gentlemen - this here blog now has 14 FOLLOWERS. This is momentous. To think that there are 14 people on this planet that occasionally every once in a while when they think of it stop by this blog for even one second is amazing to me. And I am so grateful. Because, people, I have a lot of nonsense to post, and it warms the cockles of my hear that someone is reading said nonsense. It's wonderful. Welcome, number 14. Come on in, the water's fine.

One of the things I miss about Austin - besides the scenery, the people, the general feel and funkiness - is the food. I miss my restaurants! I left Austin, incidentally, ten years ago this coming weekend. Ten years ago, Memorial Day weekend, S and his parents packed up my stuff and drove me back to Dallas in torrential, unending, horrible rain. Now there's a story...for another day.

So, you know, we don't get to Austin too often. Thus, S and I tried to be strategic about our choices about where to eat. Just imagine if we knew about all the great places in Austin that have come to pass in the last ten years - we'd be on overload. Good thing we're stuck in a time warp. Last weekend, on the up and back visit for the near death practice run in the 97 degree heat, we at at one of S's favorites, the Austin Pizza Garden. Check.

Lunch Saturday was at Rudy's Barbecue.

I know it's a chain people, but it's a chain that we don't have near us in Dallas, and their spicy barbecue sauce (or sause the way they spell it) is my favorite. I LOVE it.

And, I love the cole slaw and - especially - the banana pudding. So good.

I also thought I liked the creamed corn.
But, not so much on that one.

So, that pretty much sums up Rudy's for lunch. Check.

For supper, we met our friend Marcia at the Shady Grove. This is my FAVORITE restaurant in Austin for many reasons. It has a patio that is unparalleled in possibly all the world. It's fabulous, so I don't think it's reaching to say it's the best in all the world. Yep, let's go with that.

And, my favorite thing to get at the Shady Grove is the chili dog. But, for some reason on this night, I could not order it. I'll chalk it up to pre-race jitters. How's that.

Pre-race jitters did not stop me from drinking one delicious margarita, though, or having some yummy chips and salsa, or enjoying the steak salad I chose to order instead of that chili dog. Another reason to go back to Austin soon - that chili dog.

And that patio.

And, of course, all of our friends in Austin!
Shady Grove. Check.

On Sunday I had yogurt with walnuts and blueberries and a banana with some peanut butter, coffee and orange juice.

You'll remember what S had.

Had we not been going to a triathlon, on a Sunday morning in Austin, we probably would have gone to Kerbey Lane Cafe or Z'Tejas on 6th for breakfast or brunch, depending on the time we woke up. And our mood. But, the food from the H-E-B had to suffice this time.

After we cleaned up on Sunday, Kellie and Kevin suggested this WONDERFUL restaurant in Georgetown.

If you're near there, go to this restaurant. It's called the Monument Cafe. And, dear friends, it's to die for. We now have a new restaurant that must be added to the Austin list. We'll call it the "Austin area list" and add this gem.

This place only serves locally grown, hormone and pesticide free food. They even grow some of the vegetables right out back. And, dear fourteen blog reading friends, this food will make you want to slap your granny. It's that good. It's wonderful. I wonder if S is up for a drive to Austin three weekends in a row...hmmmm....probably not.

Sweet baby Sam gave me a smile...

I had the fried chicken with onion rings, mashed potatoes...

...and fruit salad. It was better than the blurry photo.

S had the eggs and bacon with a side of onion rings. We heard they were not to miss. The yolk color on those free range eggs - amazingly vibrant compared to what we get in the store. Amazing. We also all had some seriously delicious dessert. But, I wasn't in the mood to photograph that I guess - I was too busy eating. Yes ma'am. I ate. Mmm good.

There were several restaurants still on the list when we left town. And, actually several friends we didn't get to see. So, we'll be back, dear Austin, we'll be back. And, hopefully, before another ten years go by!


  1. Kerby Lane? Shady Grove? Rudy's? You just made my day. There's really no food like Austin food. I am now starving, thanks to you.


  2. Austin is most certainly God's country! Great blog posts. I hope you now have the bug to a)do triathlon as a hobby and b)come to Austin more often. You can always stay with us. It was great to see you. What a fun weekend!!

  3. I guess I didn't realize what a chilidog fan you are. Looking at this blog entry reminded me when we had Deacon overnight we decided (actually I decided), that it was time to introduce him to the Bears Den in Shelbyville and my favorite sandwich...the HURRIBURGER!. I decided up front to buy him a hotdog as well in case he didn't like the hurriburger. Well, to my delight he liked the hurriburger. He ate about 2/3 of it and said he didn't want anymore because he wanted to have room for his hotdog. I ate the remaining 1/3, you cannot waste a hurriburger no matter how small a portion.


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