Friday, May 15, 2009

Please go Vote!

Well, I'm getting addicted to this photo recognition thing. I have big news this morning. Emma J. Williams wrote again - I have indeed been included (my photo that is) in the 2009 Schmap guide to Birmingham, UK! Check that out here. I'm delighted! ***UPDATE - they gave me a widget for my blog, so I added it over there on the left.***

And, my dad sent me a really cool opportunity yesterday. The Indianapolis Star is going to publish a coffee table book of Indy, and anyone can submit photos to be included. So, of course, I've uploaded some photos I've taken in Indy. I might find and submit some more, but this is a start.

The thing is, they have badges you can post on your blog, but I can't figure out how to do it. Grrrrrr. Darned HTML - I've got to get better at it. So, I can't tell you about it that way, so today, I'm telling you about it in this here post. ***UPDATE - I figured it out - it's now over there on the left!***

But, here's the deal, I need votes, people, to be included, so, dear blog readers, help a girl out.

Please go to this website:

And vote - VOTE - vote, please for one or more of my photos to be included in the book.

Click on the link to "dig it" and also click on the right to "love" my photos. I need some "love."

You will have to register to vote, I think, but it's free and very fast. And, tell your friends! Please! I'd love to be included in the book. That would be SO COOL. Totally cool. I'd love it. Thanks very much.

Updates from this week: the Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie dough brownies were a hit. And, I'm still loving the guitar. And, the plumber is at my house this morning. The tub might drain again!

And, I am still not sure I can make it through this race on Sunday. But, it's supposed to be overcast - maybe raining - and no hotter than 78 degrees...that beats 97 any day. This will help the pale girl from Indiana out a lot. A lot. And, on the back side of it all when it's all over, I'll have learned a lot and I'll move on.

We're headed to Austin tonight so we have more time to eat at all of our favorite places and make it more of a "weekend." I'll take photos, I'll Twitter on what we're up to, and I'll tell you all about it here next week, because I can't help myself.

Best wishes to YOU for a wonderful weekend filled with voting for my photos. Heh heh. See you Monday.

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