Friday, May 1, 2009

Cologne Cathedral Windows

I am still going through photos from this trip, and from the wedding last weekend. I hope to get a little caught up this weekend. It was a while ago when I mentioned I'd post the photos of the windows separately. So, I thought I'd go ahead and tie up that loose end today. Here are the photos S and I collectively took of the windows of this amazing cathedral.

If I had time - and I really mean this - I have no time right now - If I had time, I'd label all these windows for you. I think they are just pretty to look at. Hope you do too, since there are no labels

We were there during Lent, hence the purple "bag" on the cross.

These "triple window" combos were all in the "chapels" behind the main alter.

I clearly liked this window - a few angles on it are below.

This, and the next couple, are of the newest window, installed in 2007.
Also a favorite.

This weekend - S and I have a baby shower to attend. I must get in a couple of long bike rides, hopefully with a little elevation thrown in. And, I have got to spend some time getting caught up on all these photos...get organized...get going! Oh - and I almost forgot - I think - not holding my breath - but I think we might actually HIRE a PLUMBER to finish that tub. Can you imagine? I can't really, but here's hopin. And, here's hopin you have a lovely weekend. See you here next week.


  1. These photos are terrific. We all realize that they are much more impressive in person, but since we all can't get to Koln today...these will have to do. Amy, thanks for posting these. They are just wonderful.

  2. Your Uncle Ken and I were looking at your blog today. He mentioned that he couldn't see a lot of your European pictures because they take too long to load on his pc so we looked at them today. We also checked out the many faces of Cora and the pics you took in the backyard when you were here.



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