Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Real Run and Finale, Baby

So, Meg set off on her run.

That's a new skort for the occasion. Nice, yes?

And while Meg ran, me and Kellie - we talked.
About how glad we were that we were done.

And S had a seat at the command center and took a break from photographing stuff.

Meg said the run was muddy - very, very muddy. She said the only way through the path was sometimes through some seriously thick mud - there had been several runners before her, of course. She said it added about five pounds of mud to each shoe as she went along, which made for some unpleasant moments, but all in all she felt it was a fine course and a decent grade.

Before Meg was expected back, Kellie and I walked up before the end of the run just a little ways so we could meet Meg and run with her the last bit, finishing together. About 40 minutes later, there was Meg!

Still smiling!

So we ran it in together.
I use the term "run" loosely...

Over that mat - that's when the timing chip charted us as DONE.

Then we got our triathlon medals from Sally Edwards herself.
So cool.

But when it came time for my medal...

You see folks, we had a case of three contributing factors - I have a big head and a lot of hair. That's probably the biggest factor. And, I was wearing glasses. And, I had on that hat.

Sally couldn't get the medal over my head.
Even after I removed the hat...

...she had some difficulty..., yes, that's Sally PUTTING MY GLASSES BACK ON...

...but she still gave me a hug.

And I was still very happy to be there.

Nice shot of Meg, no?

We joked that if Kellie would change her name we could go by the name,
"Little Women Triathletes"

Not that we're "little women"...the names...Amy, Meg...get it?

Those endorphins were making me happy.

There's the medal.

Nice, huh?

After we turned in our timing chip, there was a opportunity to take our photos in front of a TREK Women's Triathlon banner.

This was a large group that trained together.

Then we had our chance for a photo op.

This one's my favorite.
Love it.

After we took these mugs, we went to get my bike. Yeah, remember when I told you yesterday that Kellie got the Sharpie written on her and we decided not to? Well, if it wasn't for Kellie, we would not have gotten my bike out of the transition area - they were matching Sharpie numbers to bikes. Don't get me wrong - I'm glad they were doing that, but up I walked, with no number on me, and they stopped me. I was able to show them the number on Kellie's arm, and that's the only thing that saved me. Kellie wanted to make sure I covered that little point on the blog. So, thanks Kellie for getting my bike out of hock.

As far as the contest goes, we did not break any land speed records - we were the last relay team to finish. But, as S points out, 8/8 equals 1. He's so supportive, I love that. And, we were overall only 42 people from being dead last. We were slow. But, we didn't plan to be fast. We planned to just finish. To just move our butts, get them in gear and accomplish something small like crossing the finish line. And we did that. We had a great time - a blast - and we finished. And, I think for that, my Uncle Kenny owes the charity of my choice a $20, doesn't he? Get it ready, Uncle Kenny, get it ready.

After that, we cleaned up and then we went to EAT. Then we drove back to Dallas. I'll tell you all about the food tomorrow. It deserves it's own post, yes? See you then.


  1. That's my Girl!! I am proud of you for trying and getting through it...I know it wasn't easy.



  2. You may also note that Dads fat fingers made him a dadinity instead of what he meant to type dadinindy.

  3. Wow I finally got past anonymous

  4. Way to go Team glad you finished and thanks for the final leg Meg From your Greg.


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