Friday, May 8, 2009

Conversations Abounded

When families get together, they talk. Or, at least my family talks. We're talkers. And, we like to catch up with one another. Amber's wedding was no exception. Here are some photos I captured of the conversations that were going on around me.

Aunt Marlene, Rolen and Bob

Aunt Marlene is my dad's youngest sister. She's the youngest period of the five of them. And, there were a number of years between the oldest child and the youngest child in my dad's family. While my dad's not the oldest, he's closer to that end, shall we say. So, when Bob was born, Aunt Marlene was still a toddler. Bob has always teased her - Bob teases everyone about something - since they are very close in age - "Hello AUNT Marlene. How are you doing AUNT Marlene?" I mean, she is his aunt, but well, you get it. Incidentally, Bob and I are ten years apart in age, so we're spread out too...he's WAY older than me, no?

So, of course AUNT Marlene took full advantage of this moment when her nephew Bob was holding his grandson. Yep, full advantage. They both had a good laugh.

This series of photos is a conversation Steve and Dad were having, possibly at times with a third person out of view - can't remember, but it sort of looks like that might be possible. They were kicking back at the reception, enjoying one another's company, having a beer. Ahh, the good life.

But, here's the conversation I want to really highlight - the one between my nephews Deacon (6, L) and Ryon (11, R). I have no idea what they were talking about, but here's how I think it must have gone.

1 - Ryon said something catchy and drew Deacon in.

2 - Deacon took the bait, remembering all the conversations before with his cousin Ryon that were oh so good. He smiles at this remembrance and has a seat.

3 - The girl show up just as the boy-related conversation was getting really good - Deacon was remembering that time when, well anyway - Deacon points out that there are girls nearby to Ryon. Guard them with suspicion and halt all discussion of boy-only topics immediately.

4 - Deacon eyes the interloper while Ryon clears debris from his eye.

5 - More girls! Ack! It's decided the girls cannot be trusted with the conversation, so they sit quietly and virtually motionless until the girls leave.

6 - The girls take off. Ryon says, "So anyway, as I was saying..."

Meanwhile, at the wedding - you know, the one they were guests at - just to their right, they were cutting the cake.
The conversation continued.

"You know the ones I'm talking about? They move like this and they're about yea big."
"Yea, I follow, but let me tell you about something even BETTER and it's sorta funny too."

"Geez, the girls are back - they're little - just pretend they aren't there.
Go on with what you were saying.
So I was gonna say this and that and this and that."

And then they saw me. That was the end of the conversation. It must have been very high level boy stuff and pretty much, after seeing me, that was the end. Oh well. I do love catching a good conversation on camera though, (you might remember this good one I caught a while back) so I'm glad it took a while for them to recognize my presence.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom. Hi Mom! And to my mother-in-law. Hi Cheryl! And Happy Mother's Day on Sunday to all you pro-creators out there. Enjoy your special day created just to sell cards just for you. Make those offspring treat you right.

This weekend for us - we're driving to Austin to practice the course for the big triathlon next weekend. And, I'm working some, and then when we're back in town we're going to take S's mom to dinner. And, of course, at some point I'll take some photos and think of lots of really boring stuff to chronicle here for you next week. Best wishes until then.

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