Thursday, May 14, 2009

Made from a Box Goodness

First, before we move on to today's post about "Made from a Box Goodness," I want to thank you all for all your comments this week. I so enjoy them! I can't believe how many comments the "how to string a guitar" post brought - maybe I should try some more "how tos" on here, but probably not "how to change the oil," Steve. And, I want to point out the funny comment posted yesterday by an anonymous reader - "Is that Ampelmann getting fresh with S?" When I read it, I was not sure what they meant. Then I scrolled to the photo. And, I get it. I laughed out loud. This is a family blog here folks, so we'll just let you check it out yourself. Scroll on down to yesterday's post and have a look-see. Unfortunate placement that I did not previously notice. Ahem.

I want to also please ask you, if you are a regular reader, to consider "following" my blog, on the left over there. I understand it is sort of a complicated and convoluted process to do this. But, I also understand it is VERY rewarding. ;) And, keep on commenting! I love getting feedback!

And, the last little bit of housekeeping - starting with today's post, I am uploading my photos yet a new and different way. This should mean the posts will load much faster. But, as you will see, it is cutting off the right side of the photos...I'll have to keep working on that.***UPDATE: I FIXED IT!*** I want you to give me some feedback, though. For those of you who have trouble loading my blog because the photos won't load, tell me if it was easier or faster today. I need to know...please tell me! Thanks.

Now, on to today's post.

Last night, I made several things from a box or a bag or a can. I am usually a pretty "from scratch" kind of cook, but sometimes the ready-made stuff is oh so easy. And good!

First up, I made some of these. I've wanted to try some for a while now, and finally remembered to buy the ingredients when I was at the grocery. Recipe here.

Making up the batters.
(I was getting too much bokeh but I didn't stop to figure out why.)

The brownie batter with the cookie dough lumps in it.

While these were cooking, I was also making a "sort of homemade" pizza for S - a Boboli pizza bottom, tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella. That's whats in the top oven - it got done way before the Betty Crocker concoction. He liked it. (And, please pay no attention to the fingerprint marks all over the buttons. They're just for show. Thank you.)

While those were cooking, I also made myself something from a can - the main ingredient - Spaghettios. I know. I just grossed out 99.5% of my readers. But it's time to let all the crazy little idiosyncrasies out of the proverbial bag, don't you think?

Yes, I eat Spaghettios. And, I love them. And, that's only the half of it. I also embellish them by cutting up Kraft American Singles and saltines and mixing them in until the cheese melts. Uh-huh. I do. I know. The other .5% has now vowed never to come back. You'll be happy to know that my dear friend and college roommate used to call this concoction, "Trailer Park Casserole." Not that I want to diss on any particular lifestyle, but in this instance, I think Cathy came up with a catchy name for my creation. It's comfort food people.

I'm sure you have something equally heinous you like to eat. Or not. Maybe I'm the only strange one. That could be entirely true. Tell me about it in the comments. I'd love to hear all about it.

In the oven...making delicious looking progress.

And, since I was standing in the kitchen near my cute towels, I shot a photo of said cute towel. Look at those - so adorable, retro, and they have doggies on them! How could you not love those towels! OK, maybe you don't love them. If you don't, write my love of them off as a malady of eating Spaghettios. I bought them here, but they don't have them on their website anymore. Other amazingly cute ones are still available though - I have weakness for cute kitchen towels...

I also made some of these...what are those, you ask?

Well, those are blueberry muffins from a box. What? You say...where are the blueberries? Um, they are nonexistent in these blueberry muffins. S likes blueberry muffins without the blueberries. I know, he's totally missing the point and the good stuff. I know. I know. But, that's the way he likes it, so I made them. Now back to the Betty Crocker goodness that was baking in the other oven...

FINALLY, they came out of the oven.
They took about 20 minutes longer than on the box.

Then, after they cooled, I slathered them with this.

I did not use the fancy-schmancy, I am sure totally yummy chocolate ganache topping Bakerella recommended. I went whole-Betty last night. And, it was fine.

The finished product...

Today, I'm going to subject my co-workers to these creations because I will not have them hanging around my house! I didn't want to cut into them last night because I was afraid they would dry out. But, I will let you know how it went. How's that. See you tomorrow.

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