Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Many Faces of Cora...and Salsa

Cora, my brother Steve and sister-in-law Terri's youngest daughter, is 4 and a half. She's the youngest. Oh, did I already say that? And, Cora, as it turns out, is a little bit moody.

At the wedding, she was the flower girl. She had her hair all done up and was wearing a beautiful little dress. Before the wedding, though, Steve leans forward to me and said, "I'm anxious." I said, "What about?" And he said, "Cora." I said, "Why?" Then he said, "Well, it could go either way. She could come down the aisle no problem or she could have a complete meltdown." OK, I thought. Really?

Cora in meltdown.

So the wedding processional begins. The attendants start down the aisle. Cora starts down the aisle and then for some reason about halfway down she starts crying and running to her mom. I said to Steve, "What happened? What's wrong." He said, "Nothing. It's Cora. I told you - it could go either way." Well, I guess he knows his daughter, because that's what happened - either way - half way good, halfway meltdown.

And, when I was going through my photos from the wedding, I noticed Cora has a lot of faces - good, bad and otherwise. She appears to, at the turn of a hat, at a moment's notices, on a dime, be able to change her state of mind. Here's an accounting of that presto-change-o throughout the wedding festivities. We can use it as a little game - "name that face".

During the ceremony, she was pensive - attentive.

But then after the ceremony, a small moment of meltdown again.

S tried to help.

This brought on a series of morose faces.

Confusion, doubt, sadness, then she left.

But, playing on the steps of the church with Kylie brought happiness!

Sort of.

Then, darn it all, at the reception, meltdown monster reared it's ugly head again.

A little later, however, there was dancing.
Cora LOVES to dance.

Which led to a stable period of joy.

Even when accompanied by her toothless sister...

...and her mother.
(I love this photo.)

In fact, dancing brought so much joy to little Cora that she went right back to it after changing out of that beautiful gown.
Happiness abounded.

So, there you have it - a pretty little girl in a pretty little dress with pretty much every attitude displayed under the sun. I've got a few more "photo montages" from the wedding that I'll get up here one day or another. I still have stuff I want to share with you from our trip to Europe which was I think about 5 years ago. Right? And, of course, we're always up to some sort of antic around here that needs to be shared.

Actually, last night, S and I made salsa for the first time in our lives. After it was all said and done, S said, "You should have taken photos so you could have blogged about it." Um, yes, S, that would have been sort of a different and interesting thing to share. But, I didn't think of it, and your timing didn't lend itself to getting it done."

So, let me just tell you we made salsa last night - two different kinds - a green one and a red one. And, people, they are SMOKIN' HOT. They are fiery. We made them because my place of employment is celebrating Cinco de Mayo today with a pitch-in and salsa contest. I'll let you know if either of our creations win anything. I'm calling the green one, "Roasted Tomatillo SIREN." And, the red one - well, I came up with several clever ones, I thought. Ahem. I thought of the literal, "Tri-color Tomato Salsa" or "Slap your Granny and Have Some More" or my personal favorite, "Wokka Wokka Oaxaca." Who knows what I'll put on the card.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone - have a margarita for me, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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  1. I am still trying to navigate this system to become an acutal member of your 13...which I guess would make me 14...however: I am waiting for a google confirmation in my email. Beautiful pictures of Cora...Steve told me tonight to check your Blog. I watched all thre without mishap. Took a field trip to the INdianapolis Zoo with Deacon and can report (with exception of the continuous rain) it was a wonderful day at the Zoo. I bought ponchos for myself, Deacon and an assigned child by the name of Luke. Frankly, Cora reminds me of a child I knew. She reminds me in her many faces of a girl I knew..Guess the rest.




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