Monday, May 4, 2009

Misti and Raul are Having a Girl... Misti's Aunt Cheryl had us all over to celebrate this fact last Saturday. When the cute invitation came in the mail, I saved the envelope. For proof. It was addressed to both me and S. It was a couples baby shower. S would have never believed this fact had I just shown him the invite and told him he was invited.

Now, don't get me wrong, he ranks Misti as one of his oldest and dearest friends and he adores her entire family. They are like an extension of his family (who were also in attendance, of course). Misti's mom, Cindi, is like a "second mom" to S. So, he wishes them well and everything - hopes for the best for them and all of that. He's just not so sure about baby showers.

Incidentally, Misti and Raul will be naming their impending little girl Violet. Violet. Isn't that a pretty name? So old fashioned and pretty. And solid. S, upon hearing this news, said, "That's the wrong name." Apparently, back in the day - back in high school - once, Misti said she planned to name her child, "Gate." S remembered this random factoid. He said to me, "She's supposed to name it Gate." And, at the shower, he said to Misti, "I thought you were going to name your kid "Gate." Misti laughed - and reached WAY back in her memory bank to remember she once said this.

Maybe it's good Violet is going to be a girl - or her name might have been Gate. Not that there's anything wrong with that if your name happens to be Gate and you've been nice enough to stop by and read my little ol' blog. In that case, I LOVE the name Gate and plan to name ALL of MY nonexistent children Gate. All of them. But I digress. The real point of this whole story is to just say S cares about these people and any lack of caring was not why he was unsure about this whole "couples" baby shower thing. He's just a guy. And, as he'll tell you, guys don't go to baby showers.

But since I had the proof - well, actually, that didn't even really work. He asked his mom if their invitation was addressed to both her and his dad. She said yes. So, then - THEN, after it had the mother stamp of approval - then, he believed me that his presence was wanted and warranted at the impending gathering.

S had to work on Saturday morning, so I went to the shower without him and he met up with me there. And, once there, of course, he enjoyed catching up with old friends and hanging out with his niece and nephew. But enough about S - here are some photos from the shin-dig.

There they are - Raul and Misti!
(And, I guess, fetus Violet.)

And, here's Aunt Cheryl, the hostess.

These are the soon-to-be grandparents, Misti's parents.

There were tons of presents. They really cleaned up.

I have to point out the gratiutous inclusion of the middle photo - that's a photo of the present we gave them. That's a pacifier that says, "Mute Button." Funny, no? What's more - I didn't go to purchase said pacifier - I went to get a swaddling blanket or two and some burp cloths. The little salesperson who checked me out totally up-sold me on that pacifier and how cute they look on top of gifts. She was right, and I bought her little sales pitch hook, line and sinker.

There were favors, and cake, which we ate.

As I mentioned, S's immediate family were all in attendance.
Of course, the most interesting to photograph - the little ones!
Alexandra was there.

Look how her curls are coming in as her hair grows!

And little man Andrew was also there.

He was milk-drunk in that photo on the left. Cute. And, I was astonished to see I had somehow caught Andrew and S in EXACTLY the same expression in the photo on the right. Funny.

I took a few photos of the three generations of men from S's family who were all in attendance.

Doesn't this photo look like they should all be wearing some Wild West wear and reflected in sepia tone? What's up guys? Can you smile? (Thank you Michael for smiling.) We'll have to get you together at the State Fair for one of those other kinds of photos since you're so good at being so stoic.

Andrew's taken to looking like he's boxing, or "showing his guns."
The guys joined in.

Besides those two cuties, um, well, there were LOTS of people there.

One of those also in attendance was the wife of a former pastor of S's parent's church. (I didn't get a photo of her - she had to leave early.) She is apparently a regular reader of Ate Up Amateur!!! Can you believe it? She came right up to me and introduced herself and told me how much she LOVED my blog and my photos. Wow. That was so cool. I felt like a celebrity or something. She was so nice. Thanks for reading, Shelby, and so nice to have met you!

And Misti and Raul visited with everyone.

There was a game - why do so many shower games involve toilet paper?
Raul seemed to enjoy the game, no?
Gotta give him props for embracing the shower.

They received copious amounts of great gifts.

Including this special one - Aunt Cheryl gave them the gown Misti wore as a baby.

So, there you go. A re-cap of a weekend baby shower on a Monday morning. I did get mostly through the wedding photos over the weekend, so I'll post a few "wedding vignettes" this week. See you then.

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  1. Amy, you are incredible! These pics are great from Saturday. THANK YOU...more than you know for posting and taking these pics. I am downloading all of them right now. Raul and I are so glad T (S...I will never get used to calling him that) had to attend his first couples shower:) It's good for him! We love you so very much. Thanks for being there. Having all of you "WAGS" there made our day.



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