Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Outdoor Concert

On Memorial Day evening, S and I and S's parents, Cheryl and Sam, went to Flagpole Hill to hear the Dallas Symphony Orchestra perform a Memorial Day Concert.

The crew.

This is an annual tradition here in Dallas, where thousands of people turn out to listen to the music. Most people go out with their extended families or friends and many have elaborate spreads of food and fun. We normally go with our lawn chairs and just hear the music.

This year, though, at sort of the last minute, I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to pick some food up at the grocery and take a little picnic out there to enjoy. It turned out to be sort of nice to get there a little early, sit outdoors, eat and people watch.

I should point out those bags up there are Envirosax. A set of five of those puppies roll up and fit nicely in a glove box. You can then easily take them into the grocery with you and load up all the groceries, no problem. Good for the environment. And, they are so pretty, too...they have a ton of designs. I highly recommend them.

We had plenty of food - the best picnic one can conjure up at the grocery store with little planning. I want to point out to my father - look dad - that I only paid $3.99 for 8 pieces - EIGHT PIECES - of fried chicken at the deli counter at the grocery. Bargain. BAR-GAIN.

My dad came to town once over Labor Day weekend, and we went to a parks concert at the Dallas Arboretum performed by the Dallas Wind Symphony. Anyway, because he was in town, and we were going to go to this concert, I wanted to prepare a special picnic. A little more planning had gone into that one. And, I wanted to buy some Bubba's Fried Chicken to go with the meal.

There were two things wrong with that chicken as far as my dad was concerned - first, we drove WAY too far to pick it up. Dad thinks we drive too far to do anything in Dallas. (Just did a Google Map - 2.8 miles from my door to Bubba's.) And, second, it was too expensive. We could have, Dad thought, gotten the deli chicken at Kroger for half the price and it would have been just as good.

Whatever Dad - Bubba's is worth the drive. And, I think you liked that chicken. Ahem. But yesterday, I did the "Dad thing" and got the deli chicken. And, yes Dad, it was darn good chicken. And closer to my house and everything.

We won't even go into what I paid once for steak when he was here and the reaction it garnered from Dear Ol' Dad...will we, Dad? (I love my Dad - don't get your panties in a bunch - this is all in fun, and he will know it.)

We also had some vegetables.

Some chips and crackers and salsas and dips.

And of course that chicken.

Some watermelon and other fruits.

Seed maybe? I dunno.

And some cookies.

After we ate, our bellies were smiling.
I even got S to show a smile on his face!
Sort of.

Sam, in addition to liking the fruit, was decked out in his patriotic regalia.

There were some others with the patriotic bent...

...a little blurry, but you can see that Patriot over there.

People brought their pooches...

...we did not.
And believe me, Ellie and Echo were just fine with that.

A little later, the concert got underway and the sun went down.

The kids brought out the spinny light-up thingys.
That's a technical term, you understand.

They played the Armed Forces Salute and Sam stood for the Army.
(Like this one, but a different arrangement.)

And this guy saluted during the entire Air Force tune.

I thought of my dad here too - gosh, I thought of you a lot last night, Dad. When my dad is there, and a band or orchestra performs the Armed Forces Salute, he can stand for three branches of the service - the Navy, where he served for 8 years, the Marines, because he was stationed with the Marines while in the Navy in Vietnam - the Navy supplies the Marines with all of the medical personnel and maybe other stuff too - I don't know the particulars. I just know he wore a Marine uniform with Navy insignia on it when he was in Vietnam. And then, later in life, he was in the Army National Guard. So, he gets to stand a lot because he served his country in lots of places. And so did a lot of men and women at this concert- the crowd really looks around and claps for them. It's very cool.

And then, after America the Beautiful AND The Battle Hymn of the Republic, at the very end...

...there were fireworks!

Being a 4th of July baby and all, those fireworks hold a special place in my psyche. I mean, when I was very small, my father told me they shot them off in honor of my birthday. So, I can do nothing but like them. It's ingrained in my brain.

It was a nice evening - a little hot to begin with, but as the sun went down it was a lovely time to be outdoors at a concert with a picnic, however thrown together. And, an outdoor concert honoring this country and those who have served it was even better.


  1. You remember all three branches that I served in, good for you. Thank you for the acknowledgement. I was thinking the other day about the time with the Marines and it was three and a half years, nearly half my active duty time in the Navy. It was a good time..I have many happy memories of all three branches.

  2. I have a good memory of the steak you mentioned however I honestly cannot remember the chicken. I do remember that I promote Kroger chicken because it is cheeper but it sounds like the kind you bought was even cheeper than Kroger. It is funny how some things stick in ones mind. I was wrong on this one. Thanks for locating it on your blog so I could find it.




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