Thursday, January 12, 2012

Family Photos

I bought a Groupon last August for some family photos by this guy. We ended up taking photos the weekend before Thanksgiving. We got the photo disk a week or so ago. They turned out pretty good - here are some of them. The first few are the ones he edited. The others are the "rest of the bunch.

edited 1

Edited 2

edited 3

edited 4
And...that new blog header up there.

The rest are not as edited - some were cropped up by me a bit, but that's about it:

Sitting kissing
I think this one is funny, only because of LM's face.
Like, "What the heck are they doing???"

Sitting 5
Like this one too.

Sitting 2
Funny but cute face on the Little Man

LM w our legs 2

LM w our legs

LM in the air 2

LM and the wall 2

LM and the wall

LM w ball

A & LM again 1

A & S again

On Sofa 5

That's about it. I'm glad we went to take them. It was a fun experience with some good results. Best wishes to you for a hopefully long weekend coming up. S and I both have Monday off, so it's a long one for us. We were talking about going out of town, but scratched that and instead are going to a playgroup meeting and maybe the aquarium. I have quite a bit to work on for my class, so I hope for some downtime, but also some uninterrupted work time, too. Whatever you have planned, I hope it's great. 

See you soon.

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