Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The LA Friend Photo Shoot

We've photographed this great bunch before...and this time, we had stellar results compared to that last go around. Perhaps I do learn something from time to time. Or perhaps we got lucky. Or perhaps they were (they WERE) fabulous subjects. And, the last time, even though I wasn't up for fessing up to this, I was barely pregnant with the LM and hardly fit to leave the house. So, you know...anyway.

This family of three is just about, as you will see, to become a family of FOUR, with a new baby due mid-next-month. They were in town visiting the relatives, so we took a jaunt over to the Arboretum on one beautiful winter afternoon. In fact, it was hard to believe you would call this winter. Here are my favorites:

We tried the "sun kissed" look, because well, we could.

Miss Caitlin, the soon to be Big Sister.

To the sun kissed look, Mark had the following to say - and I have to quote it because sister, it made me laugh out loud. For days. He said, 
"I can see the artistic merit of your "sun haze" pictures, especially if we were all skinny sexy Calvin Klein models selling the newest lowrise jeans or $75 perfume.  Cool look."
Oh Mark, you are a funny one. They look pretty good in the haze, if you ask me. But, here are some non-hazed other ones:

One of my favorites.

I like this "Daddy and Daughter" shot too.

I like this one in black and white.

The reason I like the B &W version of that one is 1) it's a fabulously cute smile from Miss C, but 2) that "column" to the left is Mark's leg. In the color version, his jeans are distracting. In this version it almost appears as an architectural feature. Or at least it doesn't distract.

Cute, cute!

And here are her shoes!

You'll see we did some "posed" ones later.
But I love this one, too, of the two of them.

We walked this poor pregnant woman all over creation, I'll have you know.

I also like this one in black and white.

IMG_5097 - Version 2
Then we tried some along the fence...

IMG_5094 BW
...and one all dolled up here.



Lovely couple version uno...

...and numero dos.

And one more of this cutie pie for good measure.
She'll make an excellent big sister, no?

Oh, that was so much fun to romp around the gardens with them for a while. We followed it with some yummy pizza and visiting along with S, LM and our good friend JG! Thanks guys, for letting me take your photos. It was fabulous!

See you soon.


  1. Great pics. Beautiful family. And perfect Dempsey comment about the "hazy" pictures - the man is funny AND a genius. I'm jealous! Would have LOVED to be able to visit with all of you.

  2. Well, Kel, you'll have to come on up for the next visit! We'd love to visit with you too!


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