Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Train! The Train!

When I was a little girl (and when my mom was a little girl before that...) people in Indianapolis would go downtown to the LS Ayres department store, where the children would ride a train to see Santa. LS Ayres was bought by someone, and then by someone else, and is no longer around. But, the train set was given (bought?) to the Indiana State Museum.  And, was replaced by a similar but slightly larger train in 2006. When Veda and Deacon were small, we took them to ride the train. Now that I have LM, we all set out to do it again.

They have the original train set up in the lobby where you can take photos near it.
There is no way an adult would have fit on the old train.

Up the elevator!

A view of the 2nd floor from the 3rd floor.

On the way to the train - of course, a corn exhibit.

Gibby says, "I don't see a future in corn."

Ah, the big kids are too cute as well. 
Deacon loves him some corn, though. Something FIERCE!

Waiting our turn for the train.


The Santa line and the train line are two different lines at the museum. I don't remember this being the case as a kid, but who knows. We did not visit the Santa line. All the kids had already seen Santa, the Santa they had didn't look all that good of a Santa elf and you had to pay to get a photo - none of your own photos allowed! Boo. So, we just did the train, which was way more fun anyway. 



That over there..that is Santa's house. 
The Santa police might come arrest me for taking this photo...

The train rounded the bend...it was almost time.

OK, so everyone got loaded up in the cars.
You can see, even with the larger train that adults were "oversized."


1 - S volunteered to ride. 2 - he isn't wearing a reindeer hat.

Darn that Gibby - I couldn't catch him.
Maybe Nana caught him with her camera.


After everyone was loaded up, they went over the rules. One of the rules was to keep your hands inside the train, and to NOT touch any scenery. Ahem. Well, apparently one young lad at back of the train BROKE THAT RULE. So, the conductor stopped the train without further ado and KICKED HIM OFF. Follow the rules at the Christmas train, people, or OFF with your head. 

Halfway through the train stopped on the back side.

When the train stopped, Santa's friend, Raggedy Ann, gave all the kids a snowflake. I know, strange. Just go with it.

I had trouble getting a good shot, obviously.
I should have turned on the flash.

Some came out okay.

After the train we took some photos at the sleigh.
Then we walked around some of the other levels.


Miss Cora

LM was intent on coloring.


We wrote Santa letters via this email portal that went straight to the North Pole.



Deacon, Terri and Gibson went down a level first.
Deacon was hamming this point up in the photo.

Here, Cora and Nana were looking over the rail at them.

This was sort of cool, and appropriate for a state museum, I suppose.

There is also a replica diorama of the downtown Ayres store at Christmas
This angel and clock can still be found downtown...

Toward the end, a group shot.
We had fun, really. No, REALLY, we had fun!
And, that Santa hat behind Deacon is Veda, hiding, I guess.

LM was nearing the end of his rope.

And on the way out...a shot of Nana with the kiddos...
...and the train she and I (and Veda and Deacon, actually) rode on as kids.
Cora was at the end of her rope...

When I was back at my mom's house, I looked in the photo albums for a picture of me at the trains, because in my memory, they exist. I could not find them. I wonder if it is 8mm film...not sure, but they were not found, or of course, I would put them in this post!

I have to say, the nut that I am, taking my son to ride these trains was a real highlight for me. It was very cool to be able to do that with him. Maybe we'll do it again a few years from now.

See you soon.

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