Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little Lauren

You might remember I had the opportunity to photograph the Henry family around Thanksgiving. Well, baby Lauren made her appearance just before Christmas, so recently I was able to try some newborn photos! I should tell you when I arrived at the Henry's, I found out they have one of those November photos hanging, in canvas, on their dining room wall! I have to tell you it felt very flattering for this amateur, that someone would like a photo I took so well to hang a giant one on their dining room wall.

Lauren cooperated amazingly well. I felt pretty good about the shoot - I remembered many of my tricks, remembered to look at the camera settings, checked some of the shots throughout on the screen. I didn't remember everything though, and wish I would have realized quite how dark the second location was while we were there. I knew it wasn't optimal, but I thought it was enough. Had I checked white balance or had a light meter I knew how to use properly, I would have known, I suppose. But, it was so nice to have the opportunity to try a newborn again, and to learn things as I went along once more:



This one has an "antique" color hue applied to it.
I thought it went with the pink crocheted hat.

Isn't she a beautiful girl?

Perhaps my favorite.

I love this one too.

And this one. Slight variation. Hee hee.
Grandma, visiting and helping out, had the idea to use the bear.

OK - then we moved upstairs - with the best of intentions - to take photos of the two girls together, using Jennifer and Kyle's bed. The thing is, the room just didn't have as much light at that time of the day. So, I am disappointed in the photos of the two girls together, not that they aren't cute, but in that I hoped for more. Here are the "best of's":

An attempt at their feet.
Cute, but not what I hoped for.

And, when I say "hoped for" I realize I could see the photo in the viewfinder - I mean, I was trying for a better angle - something - but I didn't figure it out. I'm going to have to study some I like and think on it. Nonetheless, there they are, four cute feet!

IMG_8358 - Version 2
This one...

...and this one are the two best of the two together.

OK - and you know I'm going to point it all out to you - this is a learning experience, people. You can see I had to lighten them, and they are grainy because the camera was compensating too. I could have used a lens that let in more light, but then, because I have the 3/4 camera, I couldn't get far enough away. A better Photoshop-er could probably fix some more of the light issue too. But, as I said with the feet up above, nonetheless, there are two sweet, adorable sisters.

Daddy's hands, Lauren's feet.

I again had something in my mind I wanted to capture that I couldn't quite emulate to Daddy and Lauren. They were very good subjects, doing exactly what I requested. And, Lauren was VERY wide awake by now, and moving around a lot...there are like seventy of these photos - OK, maybe that's an exaggeration. This one I like - in black and white. Sweet little feet.

Miss Evelyn was having a bit of a problem not being the center of attention.
Hee hee. Poor girl - welcome to sibling-hood.
I promise, though, the trade-off is worth it.

IMG_8410 - Version 2
Grandma requested a profile shot.
It's the least she should get for all the help Grandmas are.
I quite like this one.

And Jennifer was holding her for the profile, which led to this one.
Which I totally love.

And Mama's pants made a perfect backdrop for this one of her feet.

Another one of Big Sis!

Next we tried some "hanging on dad's arm" shots.
Lauren was NOT a fan. (I like this photo, for posterity, as well.)

IMG_5633 - Version 2
But she let us get a couple decent ones.
This is my favorite.

And in black and white.

I REALLY appreciate the Henrys letting me take these photos. They actually received some FABULOUS photos from, of all things, the hospital photographer, so they didn't NEED me traipsing into their newborn world, but let me do it anyway.  

If I'm ever going to improve, I need practice. And, some classes too, actually. Once the class I teach (on an entirely different subject) is over, I plan to start taking some photography classes to learn more about the things I don't know - about the technical aspects, about lighting, studio shooting, and also about post processing. But, practice is key - I learn so much each time I try this. I mean, seriously, part of it for me is to just not be NERVOUS. That gets in the way of my creativity - I have to feel comfortable and at ease so I can do my best, never mind anything else. Anyhoo, thanks again Henrys. I hope there are a couple you might enjoy having for posterity. 

See you soon.

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