Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Family Time

Today's post encapsulates several different family gatherings while we were in Indiana. They were all special, but it seems I didn't take very many photos at any one of them, so a combined post it is! Here we go:

First, we spent some time hangin' at Grandpa's house.

That's LM checking out Grandpa's new room, sporting a bag from the toy chest. He loves carrying around bags and buckets these days, and of course, he cares not what color they are!

Silly boy. He thought Mama would let him climb that ladder.

We had a little food while we were there.
He loved sitting at the bar to eat.
He didn't eat much, though.

LM thought the baby doll stroller was for him.

And, this reminded me of another little boy in the family, who did the exact same thing a few years ago. Actually, they all have probably tried it. But, when I was going through the old photos and found the train photo of Veda and Deacon, I found this one too:

nathon in baby stroller
That's Nathon in the same baby stroller! Hee hee.

Then there was the business of the shoes.

We took LM to the shoe store shortly after we returned from Indy to have his shoe size checked. It turns out he had gone up an entire size from the previous shoes! But, in Indy, we were still jamming his little feet into too small shoes - and these particular shoes had always been difficult because they are canvas and the backs will slide down on you. Anyway, one shoe came off and Grandpa set out to put it back on. Ahem. 

He was determined to do it. He even got out the shoe horn.



Of course, Grandpa eventually won. The shoe was ON.

Grandpa and LM also did some playin' in the toys.

Then there was a get together at Mom's with Unk, Bevi, Lori and Isaiah and Steve's family.

Hanging out.

The meal - PIZZA - I'm sensing a theme here

The big kids and little kids had a fun time playing together.

Then there was also a family game of Headbandz...
...where we learned all that we didn't know about Disney movies.

And LM showed off his iPad. Ha.

It's so nice to have time with family.

Well, it's only halfway through 2012 and we're almost done with the Christmas photos!  Imagine!

See you soon.

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