Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Little Drummer Boy


The boy, as previously reported, loves him some drums. So, he hit the drum jackpot when we stopped by my uncle's house when we were in Indy. His grandson, Isaiah, plays the drums. In fact, he was at Unk and Bevi's house, just about to head out to a drum lesson when we stopped by. Isaiah played a few seconds on the drums for LM before he left. OHMYGOSH, he was in heaven, and had to try out those drums for himself when Isaiah got up. Here are some photos:

He found the bucket of sticks behind the throne immediately.
He picked up one wooden and one "light up" stick.



We tried to tear him away.
He had a fit, so Bevi, who is a softie for little boys, took him back.

I have to say, Unk and Bevi's wall colors really make for lovely photo backdrops.



And, a few little videos should you be so inclined:

I see lots of "are you done" moments in my future.

See you soon.

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