Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lunch with Friends

LM and I went to meet a friend of mine and former co-worker, Kerry, and her granddaughter Abbie for lunch the other day. Abbie is two, so she is an older woman. We met at the kid friendly Chick-fil-a, where LM, upon seeing Abbie sit in a regular chair, refused to sit in a highchair. In fact, he has refused since then a couple of times too. Good times.

Anyway, the kiddos played in the little play area afterwards. Not only was Abbie very nice to LM, there was a brother sister pair, I'm guess about 8 and 6 years old, who would shepherd LM to the top and on the way back down. They were so sweet to him I had to go over to their mom afterwards and tell her what good kids she has. Here are a couple of photos...mostly a bit blurry, done with the purse camera, and on a too low ISO until I noticed way too late:

Abbie in all her cuteness!

Coming down the slide, brother on the right, sister behind him.

Going up, up up!



You can see the slide was, well, a favorite.




It was so nice to catch up, and because we had such good older helpers, we DID actually get to talk for a while! And the kids had fun too. Good fun all around.

See you soon!

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