Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We Interrupt this Blogging...


So, last night I began my third year teaching a class at my alma mater. I actually enjoy the class very much, and have learned a lot about how to present it and how to teach college level students while doing it. I think this will be the best year yet. However, for the next eight weeks (because they are on the module system) I will be a little bit busier than "normal" busy. Thus, there could be days when I don't get to blog. 
Like today. 

Because my brain is too full of class stuff. Because I got home late last night. Because the class is on Tuesdays, meaning I will miss the only show on television worth watching. Because I usually have six to eight students but this year I have fourteen. FOURTEEN!!! Because sometimes I don't "get" to do what I want to do. Because S is most likely coming down with the flu. Boo. Because the boy wants to tell me something and that's way more important than writing this up. And just because. Because I wanted you to know.

But I will blog. I have too much to say, people, and lots to get to. So, when I can, and hopefully sort of regular-like, I'll write up some drivel for you. And I appreciate you reading it. 

See you soon.

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