Monday, January 23, 2012

An Open Letter to the TSA and Airline Safety Employees Everywhere


Dear Sir or Madam:

I recently received a renewed passport in the mail. I renewed said passport because my job will require me to fly across the Atlantic for work in the near future. Because it is a LOT of moving around for a two week period of time, my husband, S, has graciously agreed to go with me. Because my son doesn't fare well on a two hour flight to Indiana, let alone a transatlantic jaunt, because of the aforementioned pace of travel, and because he wouldn't remember it even if we went to the effort to take him, he will stay in the US. He will be thoughtfully and carefully watched by my mother, who has graciously agreed to come to our home to keep him on his regular routine, and by, I am sure, his Dallas relatives, from time to time, in our absence.


So, here's the deal. This will be the first time I am away from my boy for this period of time. As a mother, this will be really hard. It will be the first time the two of us will be away from him for more than an evening. And, we'll be going across the Atlantic. Now, I realize you all screen passengers and prepare aircraft each and every day to make these flights. And, that they come and go without incident day in, day out. But, sir or madam, I know how things can become routine. How we can get into a rut. How small things can pass us by. I know - it happens to me. However, when it happens to me, someone might be inconvenienced but no one will die. I need to know you will be CERTAIN to be extra vigilant for me.


You see, kind soul, if something were to go wrong on MY flights, my boy would grow up without either of his parents. If something were to go wrong, a boy's life would be irreversibly made incomplete. I really, really need to know you're carefully watching out for the bad guys. And checking the airplane. And making certain - each and EVERY day - that all is well with the airline world. I need to know this.


I do understand the irrationality of my fear. I do understand there is probably greater chance of my winning the lottery than you not doing your job. And, I'm sure each and every day there is some other boy's parents flying the world without him, and they need to make it home too. Of course, I hope we are ALL safe.

But this is MY boy. And I am HIS mother. And I need to KNOW it's going to be alright. 


I know it will be alright.

I know it will be alright.

I know it will be alright.


Because you are professionals and you won't let me down. And for that, for things I don't know and can't fathom and won't ever understand, I am very grateful. Thank you a thousand times over. Thank you. Thank you. And pay no attention to the neurotic woman thinking of her son.


Thank you.


Warmest regards,


See you soon.

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