Monday, January 5, 2009


Upon our approach to Indianapolis International Airport, it was very cloudy. So cloudy, it looked like the studio shots of heaven in movies. You know the ones I'm talking about. Anyway, I illegally shot away these photos while the flight attendant wasn't looking. (See last Friday's post if you're confused.)

I know, how cliched is it to take photos of the clouds out of an airplane window?
I don't care.
I really was taken by these heavy clouds.

And, I had a pretty clean plane window. When does that ever happen?

They looked so billowy and soft.

Like you could just hop on out there and play around in them.

We eventually came through the clouds.
That's some part of Indianapolis below.

I'm pretty sure the airplane shifted - not the horizon.
In case you were wondering.

Even with all that cloud cover, you can see glimpses of sun up here.

Then we flew over the Motor Speedway, so I had to shoot that.

Shot two.

Shot three.

Shortly after flying over the Speedway, we landed. And I told you all about that in last Friday's post. I just couldn't leave the cloud photos sitting on my hard drive, though. Tomorrow we won't talk anymore about flying or clouds. At least for tomorrow. See you then.

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