Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Freezing Rain

Yesterday, we had freezing rain and temperatures right about freezing pretty much all day. By the time I was going home, the sun was going down, but I had to at least try to get some photos of the ice on the trees - of course, had I decided to go out in the freezing rain in the middle of the day of work, the photos would have been better.

That said, I sort of like some of them anyway. So, here they are.

I tried to get these photos near my work.
I thought the light would help...

This light does help in a church parking lot near my house.

And also here.

And here you can see the ice.

This is the ice on the electrical line going to our garage.

And this is the ice on the grapevine on our fence.

This is ice on our pretty red bud trees.

This is the evergreen in my neighbor's yard.
A bit blurry.

Another attempt...also blurry.

So I turned on the flash...

...they are sort of interesting photos, but...

...it didn't do anything for seeing the ice...

...so I tried without the flash one more time...

...and got my favorite shots...

...of the whole lot.

Tomorrow - it's supposed to be a balmy 65 or something. Crazy Texas weather.

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