Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mass Transit

A Mass Transit Sculpture in Downtown Indianapolis
This one is called Tailgating.

When we were in Indiana last week, S and I had occasion to run downtown one day to pick up a couple of Christmas gifts. While we were driving around to find a parking garage that was not full, we passed several sculptures not unlike the one above.

Mass Transit Map

Once we parked and started heading to our destination on foot, we encountered the one above, and this map. Once I was back to a computer, I looked it up to learn more. I learned the artist is Chakaia Booker, and this installation is in Indianapolis until April 1st. It is part of a "public art Indianapolis" initiative, co-sponsored by the Arts Council of Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Cultural Development Commission. Imagine - an arts council or an arts commission that is actively pursuing projects instead of acting like large inept bureaucracies. Now, I'm sure there's some of that too, in Indy, but I was impressed with all they are doing.

A side view of the same sculpture.

While we did not get around (we were on a tight schedule, and it was very cold and wet - and S didn't wear his coat, the silly man) to seeing the other sculptures on foot, I wanted to share the series with you. You can check it all out here, where the website is set up for you to share your photos and interact with the artist and the exhibition by providing feedback or learning more. Or of course, if you're in Indianapolis, check it out in person!

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