Friday, January 23, 2009

S thinks he's still a kid

(Editor's note: I apologize - this post will take a long time to load. Go change the laundry loads, check the mail or brush your teeth and come back. There are too many photos and videos for one post, but hey, I did it anyway.)

Do you know about these shoes called, "Heelys"? When S and I went to Sicily last year, S's cousin Cal - who is 8 - wore a pair of Heelys all over Europe. He zipped in and out of streets, down hills, around corners with ease.

That's Cal on the left, with brother Ward on the right, with Heelys on -
look really close and you can see the wheel in the heel!

While we were there, S joked with Cal that he needed to buy S a pair of those so they could "Heely" together.

Fast forward to 2009. S started a new job last summer (this part is 2008) that has a warehouse right next to a Heely distribution center. The Heely folks regularly dispose of perfectly good shoes at said distribution center and give them to employees at S's place of employment. Last week, once such disposition was taking place, as S got hooked up with a pair of Heelys in almost his size.

S has huge feet. Heelys don't come in his size, actually - they end at one size too small. This didn't deter S - he brought them home anyway and chooses to wear them around like the women from Asia with bound feet. He says they aren't too small. They are. Not to mention, in any other set of circumstances, S wouldn't be caught dead in such a colorful pair of shoes. Ahem.

Earlier this week, S set out to learn how to use these Heelys. And, in trying to do so, proved that a) some things should be left to the whipper snappers and b) S is no longer in said group. This didn't slow him down, though. And here's the photo and video to prove it. Because apparently I had nothing better to do than stand on the front lawn with cameras in tow and document this great achievement.

We started out in the driveway...

Then we moved to the sidewalk...I'm going to let the photos and video pretty much tell the story.

By the way, I play the part of the heavy breather and of "Smedley the wonder dog" with my laughing in these videos - let's hope I don' t really breathe that hard all the time, but that the microphone was just close to my mouth. Let's hope. Geesh.

An early fall...before the one caught on tape.

The aftermath.

But he was still having fun, I guess...

Awww...look at that sweet face.

Mr. Roboto...

It was bulk trash week, people.
And we have a lot of bulk trash.

He eventually got the hang of it.
Not that I figure he'll be Heely-ing in public again anytime soon.


  1. Too funny. Although I am sure that if I attempted such an endeavor, I would have broken bones in addition to my embarrassment.

    Kudo's to S* for trying.


  2. Best post ever. Good job, Smedley. Good job. Steve

  3. S- "Could you help me figure this out!!"

    This is the best post ever! So funny!


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