Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day

An historic inauguration day is upon us. I will be watching. For the blog post today - a little election fun. This website - Obamicon Me - takes the famous Obama campaign poster's style and allows you to make it your own.

You can upload a photo or use your webcam to create a photo that is then made into the likeness of the Sheperd Fairey Obama campaign poster. Once uploaded, you can then change the amount of red, dark blue, light blue and white that is in the photo, zoom the photo in or out, and move the photo around in the poster space to create just the right image, and save it to your profile. (sign up required to save) Then, once saved, you can post to Twitter or Facebook, download, email, etc.

I had some fun on this site.

There are a number of preset words that can go at the bottom of the poster. Words like, "Hope" and "Progress", "Change" and "President." Or, you can go with your own custom phrase. I am not very clever when it comes to stuff like this. There are examples on the website that are so funny, or meaningful, or sublime. When I uploaded my blog profile photo, the only word that came to mind was, well, CHEESY. So, there you go.

I decided to go on to "Obamicon" by whole household.

For this one, the only appropriate word is listed. The cat is clueless. Lives in a fog of her own making. Poor thing.

I chose this smug photo of Norman to represent his personality. If asked, he would certainly say he was ready to step in as President. He could clean up this mess. He could take charge and take no prisoners. People are such screw-ups, he would say. Then, he'd take a nap. On my printer.

My sweet girl Ellie has to get a word like EARNEST for her poster. She is that, and such a good girl. This one would get her votes, no?

And then Echo. She could have "stubborn", or "snotty". That would work. Or maybe, "likes food a little too much." But, really, she's just so sweet.

For this one, I thought of SO many thing I could say. But, I decided, since S has always had this sort of fascination for politics, that simple was the way to go.

Isn't he handsome, even in red and blue?

Go make your own poster. And watch the inauguration. The world will watch, so why shouldn't you? It's the largest, most peaceful transfer of power in all the globe and it happens every four years. It amazes world citizens. It amazes me! Pay attention, fellow Americans, and be proud of your country for continuing to be these United States.

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  1. Interesting choices. I agree it is amazing to be able to watch this peaceful transfer of power. Even if one does not agree with the election results, one must be proud of the process and peaceful transfer. Besides one can always hope for another change in four years as hope springs eternal.


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