Friday, January 16, 2009

More on Amateur-ness

So, earlier this week I opined about how I hoped was a good amateur. And, I hope I am, in the true sense of the word, as I previously discussed. But, this week, I also had a reason to remember my amateurish status in the photography world.

I took a bunch of archival production photos last month for work, just for my own uses at work. On a different night, but of generally the same stuff, our PR department at work hired a professional photographer to come in to produce some archival production photos. I saw my photos long before the professionals, and even shared them with some of my work colleagues, who all thought there were some nice photos included in my batch. Then, I saw the pro's work. Good God. What a difference actual knowledge, the right equipment and years of experience make. It was humbling, to say the least, and a very good reminder on this January day that I, as I've said before, and will say again, have a LOT to learn.

So, to make myself feel better, today, I'm going to share with you the photos on my Flickr account that have been tagged the most as favorites and the wonderfully nice things people have said. That is to say, I want to point out to myself that sometimes I occasionally, maybe, for a moment, take a good photo. So, here we go, to repair my small bruised ego. We'll start with least hits and/or favorites to most.

Glacier National Park

This photo from Glacier would not probably be one of my favorites of the whole lot, but the sky is very nice. It's only been viewed 3 times on Flickr, but Lahierophant tagged it as one of her favorites. Thank you Lahierophant. I love you.

Then, there is Jutok. He has favorited (I know this isn't a word, and I continually use it in this post - deal with it. Thank you.) three of my Sicily photos. Yes, I know I talk all about posting some of those here one day. One day I will! Today, here are the three Mr. Jutok thought were especially noteworthy. All were taken in Palazzo Adriano, Sicily. Can you name the movie that was shot in this space? (hint)

The Catholic church.
(Jutok is the only viewer of this photo.)

The Municipal Building - through the wet bus window, no less.
(Two views on Flickr.)

And, a wide shot of the famous plaza.

The next set of photos were all favorited by the same person, BigMac12121983. He favorites professional sports photos. He actually favored more than the ones here. But, I limited those I posted here to photos seen by more than one human. These photos were taken when S and I visited the Indiana relatives in August 2008. One relative had tickets to go see the new Colts stadium before it opened and we were lucky enough to tag along.

The roof (closed) and banners.

The horseshoe in the seats and one of the screens.

A view of the floor from one corner of the end zone seats.

The stadium floor.

Most of one side of the stadium.

But, now, dear reader, let's get down to brass tacks. Here are the photos that have had multiple views and several favorite mentions. I realize perhaps they are not huge numbers as Flickr views go, but for me, they are BIG!

Fire-burned trees in Yellowstone National Park back lit by an eerie moon.
(viewed 131 times and favorited by Littledutchdenny.)

Coppery, acid run-off into Lake Yellowstone
Yellowstone National Park

I actually got mention on the Dallas Morning News website for this one. I have a large copy of it in my den. I put it in last year's photo calendar. And I discussed it in one of my first posts ever. It has been favorited several times. Walt K favorited it, and said, "I like the contrasts in this picture." Given the looks of Walt K's photos, I take that as real compliment. Erik K also favorited it and said, "Wow, nice cold and warm colors." Also a great compliment given the 2nd Mr. K's photos. Nephilim also make this one a favorite. I like her dog photos, for sure.

All that said, the #1 viewed and favorited photo on my Flickr site is...drum roll please...

Kenworth Logo

Fatbird11 said, "My dad drove a semi. I grew up loving Kenworth. Great picture." Aw, thanks Fatbird! Since the photo was getting so much play (for me) and still gets hits, I added this description to it a while back:

"This is the logo on our then-brand-new Kenworth truck where I work. I work for a performing arts organization, and this truck was underwritten by generous money provided by donors. We are very proud of it and so thankful to have it"

I like this photo very much, actually. I thought about framing it to go on the wall of one of the non-public areas at work. But, I never did it. I did, however, upload it here as one of my favorite photos, and lots of people have stopped by to see it and seem to have agreed it was good. This one was also listed as a favorite for BravoSixNinerDelta, (great name) and also by j.perez_magoo, vjmck, flight702737, and sgamirco. Wow, I'm speechless. Thanks guys.

So, there go you. My little walk through my Flickr page, and how it really boosts my morale. It makes me feel like I sometimes get a good shot, and reminds me why I like to take photos in the first place. But, I'm still - in case you couldn't tell - very much an amateur.

Happy Weekend to all of you! See you next week!

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  1. I absolutely love the shot from Yellowstone!!!! It is beautiful!


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