Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dinner with Friends from LA LA Land

Mark, looking quizzical.
Which begs the question, if quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?

So, our good friends Mark (of The Cheese Fry fame) and Faleena headed to town this week from their perch in L.A. and we were lucky enough to be invited over to visit and eat on Sunday night. Usually when they come to town they make time for us lowly Dallasites, which we appreciate very much. We either have them to our house, go to a restaurant, or on very special occasions, we get invited to Mark's parents' house for a meal. Yum-o.

Mark fried up some sweet potatoes.

Said potatoes, post-fryer.

Sweet Maggie D was also there to greet us.

Tricia and S...

...and Wayne caught up at the kitchen table before we ate.

There's Faleena, with Laura and Derrick.

Proof I was there.

Faleena and Laura.

S and Jon - I love this photo - I caught them acting like the hams they are.

The table was adorned with really cute napkins and place mats.

The burgers came "with or without smoke."
Further instructions were, "the good ones have smoke."

Those fries got seasoned.

Jon, for one, was excited to dig in.

As was S.


I have to mention the tea - Mrs. Dempsey makes the best iced tea.

So, we gathered and ate. And, Mark and Faleena had a big announcement. I'll let you choose what it might have been:

a) They are moving back to Texas.

b) They were abducted by aliens and lived to tell about it.

c) They are going to baby.

If you chose A or B, you are wrong. It was C. C! They are going to have a baby girl in June! Everyone was delighted to hear this exciting news and there were congratulations all around.

Then, after dinner and the news, we played this game called MAFIA. Have you played it? It's a new fangled West Coast fancified party game. The LA-ers taught us how to play.

This was supposed to be S by the fire.
That is the fire in the background, but, well.
We'll move on.

Maggie, being a relative of Mark and Faleena, also knew the fascinating game.

So, here's how it goes - you draw slips of paper - all the slips of paper say, "Villager" except two slips that say "Mafia" and one that says "Detective". One person moderates the game - that is, they don't play. We switched off being the moderator so everyone got a chance to play.

Everyone closes their eyes - the mafia are told by the moderator to reveal themselves. They choose a player to "kill." Then, they close their eyes.

Then, the detective is given a chance to open their eyes and guess who the mafia are - they get one chance per round - they point at someone and the moderator motions yes or no.

They, everyone opens their eyes, finds out who is dead via the mafia, and together must choose who to kill off to avenge the Mafia's killing. This is where the strategy really comes into play. You have to read faces and motives to get ideas on who the mafia are - the villagers of course want to kill off the mafia before the mafia kill off the villagers.

And the detective can possibly help with special info, but might not want to be labeled the detective for fear of being the next person killed by the mafia. After the group kills someone off to avenge the death, you have finished a round and start again until either the mafia or the villagers are left.

Once we got the hang of it, it was a lot of fun. I got killed off early often, which allowed me to watch the game and how people work. Interesting, too, to see how different people strategize in the same game.

Then, when it got later, we all went home. Thanks Mark and Faleena, and Mr. and Mrs. D, for hosting us! And, we can't wait to meet the little girl. What fun!

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  1. No No No. You play with playing cards. The clubs are mafia. Spades are townsfolk. The Ace of spades is the Sheriff (detective). And the Ace of hearts is an angel. Each round the angel gets to pick someone to save. If that happens to be who the mafia "kill", then it becomes an attempted murder. Us hayseeds in Indiana play it the right way.


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