Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Even the Pigeons Were Cold

On my way to Kellie's shower last weekend, I was stopped at a light near an overpass. The day before this photo was taken, it was 80 degrees and sunny. On this day, it didn't get out of the 30's and the windchill took it into the low 20's and it was overcast. I know it's been way colder in the northern part of the country lately, but trust me, it's cold for us. And, it's all relative.

The wind was from the northwest. I was struck by how cold these pigeons looked up there on the side of the overpass - all huddled together, and on the east side of the concrete, which was blocking the wind for them. I checked as I went past - there were no pigeons on the other side...they aren't as dumb as it may seem! I just had to share my quick photos through the car windshield of the cold birds. Stay warm!

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