Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Norman went to the Veterinarian

Norman had to go to the vet last week for what was actually a follow-up appointment. Shortly before Christmas, his eye (well we thought it was his eye) swelled almost shut from one day to the next, and we went in to see what was up with that. As it turned out, it wasn't his eye at all, but rather something going on in the gums of his mouth or something.

Our wonderful vet, Dr. Gloria Johnson, was going to see Norman on the weekend, but since it swelled up so quickly and seemed to be getting worse, we went in to see another vet earlier in the week, Dr. Murray, at the same practice, Katy Trail Animal Hospital. I highly recommend this vet clinic if you're vet shopping.

Dr. Murray took good care of us. She gave Norman a long acting antibiotic shot and sent us home to watch the progress. If the swelling went down, there might be nothing else needed. She scheduled us for a follow up the other day.

So, Norman had to get back in the cat carrier, a place he hates, to go back to the vet. Let me let him tell you in his own words what he thinks about the cat carrier and going to the vet:

Norman, in his own words, on going to the vet.

Did you get that? He hates it.

Norman showing his other half.

In fact, he decided to flip around in said carrier to show me his back side after the filming of the video. After a short wait, we went into the examination room with the vet tech.

Norman got weighed.

He took Norman out of the carrier and back into the work area to be weighed. He weighed 13 pounds, 9 ounces. He's a big boy.

Back in the exam room.
He appreciated the cubby.
But, I think you get the message in those eyes loud and clear.

Back in the exam room, Norman took up residence in the little cubby (the spell checker wants me to change that word "cubby" to "chubby" - maybe that's a good name for it with Norman inside...) in the wall while waiting on the vet. We were actually visited by Dr. Murray AND Dr. Johnson this time. They were glad to see his eye swelling had subsided.

So thrilled to be at the vet.

However, upon closer examination of his upper gums, they found a drainage hole. This meant there is still something up there of significance, and it's only a matter of time before it flares up again. And, the infection could be eating at his bone structure. He has such a pretty face when not at the vet and mad that we don't want any of those bones to go anywhere.

While we were there, they went ahead and gave him his rabies shot for this year. He's really a pretty good patient - he lets the vets and techs poke and prod on him with relative ease. He doesn't tense up or act defiant. He doesn't even mouth off at them. Just me.

Here he's talking to me again.
"Get me the he** out of here!!!"

So, unfortunately for Norman and our pocketbook, he's going to go back here in a couple of weeks to have dental surgery to get out the piece of a tooth or root that is infected up there. Lucky for us we have such a great, experienced and talented veterinarian to take care of this for him. He'll LOVE it.

For this visit, we were pretty much done. He got back into the cat carrier and meowed all the way home.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear Norm had been under the weather, however, I'm glad to hear he is going to be okay! Tell him hello for me!


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