Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My January Geranium

Being a girl from the Midwest, I still marvel at flowers that grow in January. This year, I never got around to planting the garden variety Dallas winter annuals - pansies and cabbage - but I still have some plants alive in the pots on my porch, and the geranium is doing exceptionally well.

The gerbera daisy plant is still alive, but not actively blooming.

This begonia plant - three years old - is showing some wear and tear from the cold.

But, the little geranium from last spring recently started to BLOOM again.

WAY before spring.

In the spring, these little blooms might not look too noteworthy against all the blooms of the season. But in January - well, even in Dallas, and especially with no pansies hanging around - I think it's beautiful each and every time I pass it by.

It's dirt was ravaged last fall by squirrels burying acorns. We'll shore it up again soon.
And I'll keep covering it when it goes below freezing. I'm even thinking of giving it some plant food before spring gets here since it seems to like the weather.

And I'll keep enjoying my little blooming January geranium!

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