Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome, 2009

A New Year. A New Start. A New Opportunity. I could write a post today about all my New Year's Resolutions, but at this moment I have none. I mean, I guess I have the normal "I'd always like to be thinner, do more for others, be more organized" stuff I could say, but I have no burning desire to set out on a New Year's mission. I don' t know what that says about me - maybe that I'm lazy. Maybe that I'm content. Maybe that I am too busy to spend time thinking on such things. I don't know. But, I am always glad for a New Year. So, here's to 2009. Best wishes to all of you to meet those resolutions and for all your New Year's wishes to come true, whatever they may be.

I don't have any real photos to show you that encapsulate the New Year - I mean, I didn't go watch the ball drop in Times Square or anything remotely interesting. S isn't much into New Year's revelry. I guess I could have gotten up early for you and shot the first sunrise of the New Year. You know I didn't.

Do you remember before the year 2000 thinking about what you'd be doing to ring in the year 2000? Were you doing it? I remember when I was a kid thinking for some reason I'd be this single career girl living in New York City, chiming in the New Year at some swanky party. Why I thought this, I'll never know...I mean, my family never really "did up" New Years. We didn't hold swanky parties or go to them. My family didn't travel regularly to New York - in fact, as a kid, I'm not sure if I even knew anyone in NYC. So, why I thought I'd be doing some high falutin' job in NYC, I'll never know.

As a kid, I went through several incarnations of what I wanted to be when I grew up, but swanky NY girl about the town was not one of them. I wanted to be Wendy when I was really young - you know, Wendy of Wendy's? Yep - I aimed high. Then, I wanted to be a veterinarian for a long time until I learned you had to give animals shots and things they wouldn't like. I thought maybe I could be a professional musician or a music therapist but decided neither of those were for me either. Then I'm sure there are other things I wanted to be that I can't remember.

Anyway, I had a very distinct idea of what I'd be doing on New Year's Eve 1999 that bore no resemblance to what I actually did. Not that I'm complaining about that - what I did was fine. It's all fine. It's just funny sometimes remembering what you thought would happen and comparing it to reality.

So, since I have no New Year photos, today, I'll share with you some photos I took in Indiana of some ducks on a frozen pond. I figure if ducks are hanging out on an at least semi-frozen pond, they are certainly optimists, and while a little random, make good subjects for a New Year's Day post.

These photos were not taken in black and white. It almost looks as if they were! It was just a cold, wintry day in Indiana. And the sun was waning. There wasn't much color to capture.

Here is one with color - this is the little creek that leads into the still frozen pond.
It was warming up.

This was in between that last photo and the ducks - water and ice.

I thought it was so interesting the ducks chose to sit out on the frozen water.
They didn't seem cold.

OK, this guy seemed cold.

Wait a minute - lots of 'em seem cold.
But, they're still out on that ice!

In this photo and the next, I played with some lighting effects inside the photo.

I'm not sure it added one thing at all to the enjoyment of looking at the photo.

I did indeed find the behavior of the ducks interesting.

And I liked how they were backlit by the sun for these photos.
Another reason for the lack of color.

Because the next day when we drove by, and the ice was gone, so were the ducks.

They are very photogenic, in my opinion.

And certainly optimists, looking forward to our New Year.


  1. Um, I think those are Canadian geese. You can call them ducks if you want. Probably a good thing you went in another direction other than the veterinarian thing though. Miss you guys. Love, Steve

  2. Ok, so they're geese. A bird of some kind. Yes, probably a good call on the whole veterinarian thing all around. Miss you guys too.


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