Friday, January 2, 2009

The NEW Indianapolis Airport

On the plane.

When I flew back to Dallas from Indy in early November 2008, I blogged about how sad I was to see the old airport go. So, I figure it's only fitting to show you the NEW Indianapolis airport that we flew into and back out of at Christmas.

S on the plane, listening to some audio book, I'm sure.

As we approached the airport, we flew over the
Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
It was a rainy, overcast day.

I got in trouble right before I took this shot. I had my camera out, obviously, and I was showing S some photos I took at home before we had left on the little screen on the back of my camera. The flight attendant came by and said, "You need to turn that off. It's an electronic device." Wha? Huh? OK, whatever. So, I did, until she sat down in her little jump seat. Then, I defied the airline and took these photos. Maybe they'll find my blog and arrest me.

We landed on the runway.
Better than the other alternative, I guess.

And passed the new air traffic control tower.

There is the new terminal in the distance.

And again.
Sort of like a giant potato chip.

Here you can see the new rows of gates.

Here is the new terminal inside!

It is definitely more spacious and airy.

And it's set up more efficiently.

The ceilings are higher.

You can easily see the planes from the terminal.

And, all the walkways to the planes, too.

There are WAY more retail and restaurants inside security.

And there are moving sidewalks.
S demonstrates a moving sidewalk here.

There are bright, new arrival/departure screens and way-finding signs.

And they welcome you in bright yellow and blue.

These pretty blue things hang over the main section of the airport before you head to security.

The whole place just feels more open and airy.

They had a pretty tree.

And lots of public art. These things are public art.

A closer look.

Public art on the floors.

This is the new airport's art on the way to baggage claim.

This was the old airport's art on the way to baggage claim.
Which one do you like better?

This artist used old luggage for seating.

You can sit in it. It's not just static art.

This artist used a plane part.

Speaking of baggage claim, we found our way there.

It is more spacious too.

On the way back to Dallas, we noticed the security areas were more streamlined.

But, here's the money shot - that sunset coming through the wall of the airport.
We heard one woman say she thought it was a mural on the glass.

Isn't that beautiful? I bet they get beautiful sunrises on the other end, too.
I won't ever see that.
I don't take flights that early.

So, all in all, yes, I like the new airport. They did a nice job. I'm sure we'll get plenty of opportunities to check out every nook and cranny over the next 40 or so years. Hope you enjoyed this look at the new digs.

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  1. Those are some cool benches made out of luggage.


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