Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our New Neighbors' Digs

So, we did it. We went along with the rest of Dallas the other day and drove by George and Laura Bush's soon-to-be house. They are not really going to be our neighbors. Unless everyone in L.A. is neighbors with all the famous actors who live there. I guess they are our neighbors if you use that definition. I just thought it was a catchy way to start the post.

We don't live in their part of town. We just happened to be over that way for another reason and I said to S, "Hey, let's go drive by the Bush's house!" We got out our trusty Mapsco and looked for Daria Place. It is located right off Daria drive, street sign shown in the photo above. It's near where they used to live in Dallas, before he was governor and all the stuff that came after that.

Welcome home sign.

As soon as we were remotely close to this part of town, these signs started popping up. As it turns out, they are made by an enterprising young man in town who is charging $20/sign. $2 of the proceeds from each sign go to benefit Pershing Elementary, literally right across the street from the neighborhood, in honor of Laura Bush. Mrs. Bush says she intends to volunteer at the school. She has a history of public school work, if you didn't know.

10151 Daria Place

On around the corner from that sign and onto Daria Place, you will find the two homes right next to one another - 10151 Daria Place has been rumored to be purchased for the secret service detail. Other rumors state a Republican of some sort will live there. Work crews were hard at work in both homes. Interestingly, 10161 Daria Place is also undergoing extensive renovation. But, as far as I can tell from reading the real estate blogs, it is a separate endeavor.

10141 Daria Place

I really wish I could have gotten a better shot without the crappy work truck in front. Oh well... that's it - the 43rd president of the United States' new home. After January 20th. It sold for just over $2 million. It has a pool. You can see better photos of the house almost anyplace but here, I realize. I just had to chronicle our drive down the street before it's walled off to us pesky regular citizens.

One more look at 10141 Daria Place.

Pershing Elementary School

As I mentioned, literally across the street is Pershing Elementary School, a Dallas Independent School District campus, where Mrs. Bush says she intends to volunteer.

Another look at the school from our truck.

I'm sure the Bushes will be comfortable in their new digs. They say they'll spend their time during the week on Daria Place and the weekends in Crawford. I'm sure it will take some getting used to for their neighbors. And, really, for the city. I mean, if they want to go to the mall, will they close it down? How's all that going to work? Maybe past presidents and their families don't go to malls.

A local journalist wrote a story recently in the Dallas Morning News that spent some time pointing out local haunts they might visit if you're interested.

We'll stay over in our little 50's ranch in east Dallas and probably have no trouble at all.

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  1. It would have been more awesome if you literally lived beside, or at least a couple of blocks away, from their home. They still live in that house they bought until now, don't they? It must have taken the neighbors some time to adjust to THE tenants of that house.


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